Have Sex Regularly to Stay Healthy

There are a number of reasons to have sex regularly. It is a kind of circle of life that we follow. Having sex keeps us healthy and being healthy leads to better sex. Regular sex is crucial for mental as well as physical wellbeing and all round health. Apart from the obvious physical benefits of having sex such as a healthy heart, relief from stress etc, it is crucial to know about ancillary benefits of having regular sex.

The Benefits

Blood Pressure

Sex is known for the power to take the edge off. The entire process of arousal and orgasm allows release of natural painkillers and relaxers. Studies have proved that cuddling with partner under the sheets initiates oxytocin release. This is helpful in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. The effect induces cardiovascular reactivity, the response of the cardiovascular system to stress.

Reduces Heart Attack Risks

Sex can have significant impact in the cardiovascular dominion. A research has proved that having sex twice or more in a week reduces risk of a fatal heart attack by almost 50 per cent!

Relief from Pain

Sex offers a temporary relief from pain. Arousal and orgasm triggers the production of oxytocin. It initiates a sensational rush of endorphins and corticosteroids; the painkillers.

Steady Menstrual Cycle

Birth control pills are usually recommended for women with irregular menstrual cycles. However, the best remedy here is to have regular sex. This is an enjoyable alternative. Women who have sex with male partners at least a week or more are more likely to experience consistent menstrual cycles and have fewer fertility problems as compared to those who had sex less often.

With so many healthy reasons to have sex regularly, you should incorporate the pleasure filled act in your life.



I have read and experience a lot of health benefits for having a healthy sex life. I have also read that having sex can help you burn good amount of calories too.


Thanks for the post, apart from yoga sex is also a great medication. having sex regularly you can get rid of numbers of diseases.

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