7 Thai Beauty Secrets You MUST Know!

Thai women are known for their ultra gorgeous radiant skin, long silky hair and perfect nails. This is something every woman yearns for. So what’s the secret to their Thai women’s overt beauty? Of course, genes play an important role but there are some traditional beauty secrets followed by Thai women that help them stay young and beautiful.

Listed below are some traditional Thai beauty secrets:

  1. Papaya for Facial Radiance

Thai women love papaya. They make use of this highly nutritious fruit as their regular beauty agent. Papaya is rich in papain enzyme which works miraculous papain enzyme which works effectively to get rid of dullness from your face. Regular use of papaya ensures a radiant glow to face. Papain work as cleansers and cleans out dead skin cells from the skin. Thai women prepare body polish with papaya by peeling outer skin and then mashing the inner pulp. Thereafter they massage it all over their body.

  1. Natural AHA

Most of the dermatologists recommend creams containing alpha-hydroxyl acids to brighten up skin and fade away blemishes. Thai women know the value of this ingredient and use it regularly to keep their skin brighter and blemish free always. The only difference is that they use natural AHA. Tamarind comes loaded with immense beauty benefits. It is rich vitamin and mineral content. It consists of AHA and work for an effective yet inexpensive beauty ingredient. One of the best ways to use tamarind for enhancing beauty is to make a pure organic paste. You can also use it as a facial scrub to exfoliate the skin making it soft and supple. Alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHAs) in the tamarind help in revealing brighter and youthful skin. Another benefit of using tamarind is that it is highly acidic. Hence, it lightens and brightens skin. To prepare a beauty recipe with tamarind, all you need to do us take about one cup of honey and tamarind paste combined with 2-3 tablespoons of yoghurt. Gently apply it all over your face. Wash it off after 10 minutes. The beauty remedy also boosts blood circulation.

  1. Coconut Oil Cleanser

This is something that all of us know. The oil is widely used in Thai food. Coconut oil is also one of the major beauty ingredients in Thai food. Beauty experts feel that coconut oil is one of the safest natural oils. Hence, it can be used for regular face cleansing routine. You just require rubbing a little coconut oil around your eyes. This will keep eye area in good condition. Apply oil to dry areas of the body prior to taking a bath. This will keep the skin well toned, supple, and clear of all blemishes.

  1. Turmeric Cleanser

Turmeric is also constant ingredient in Thai beauty regime. It is widely used as an excellent facial scrub. Thai women add water to turmeric powder and blend well to make a paste. They spread this paste all over face and rub well for about 5 minutes. Thereafter, they wash it off with a mild cleanser. This adds a radiant glow to skin and keep it fresh all day long. This is also a good remedy for acne and other skin problems.

  1. Thai Food

Fresh vegetables are a staple diet for Thai women. They try to avoid eating red meat. Fish and seafood are preferred. Thai food is full of aromatic spices that keep the body clean and make the skin radiant. So if you eat Thai food a few times a week will help you notice significant improvement in body and skin.

  1. Thai Massage

Thai massage is famous worldwide. The massage ensures a soothing effect to the whole body. It is also useful in relaxing both the body and soul.

  1. Thai Drinks

Thai women are into a lot of water and fruit juices. Green tea is one of the most widely consumed by all Thai women. Green tea also has excellent antioxidant properties. Most of the Thai women choose green tea, fruit juice, and water over alcohol or any beverage. So start having a cup of green tea every day to get the desired glowing skin.

So this is all about Thai beauty secrets! Try them out yourself and see the difference!


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