8 Best Reasons to Use a Wooden Hair Comb/Brush

Beautiful long hair is an asset for any woman. Hence, it is of utmost importance to take good care of it in all respects. And to take good care of your hair, it is important to comb with a healthier, gentler, and safer option.

The Solution

The marketplace is full of plastic combs. You get huge varieties of these combs; all sizes, types and styles. However, these are not the best options when it comes to taking care of your hair. They tend to damage the scalp, cause hair breakage, and don’t really provide any benefits for the mane.

The best option for hair lovers is a wooden comb or brush. And there are many good reasons to use a wooden one. Listed below are 8 of them:

  1. Healthy Scalp

This is the number one reason behind combing hair with a wooden brush. The process can givea feel of a scalp massage similar to the way acupressure points are kindled. Once you press the wooden bristles against scalp gently, the natural oil from it moves through the hair shafts. This causes effective circulation of blood all over the scalp to make it healthier.

  1. Stay away from Dryness and Greasiness

This is true! You don’t require facing any kind of dryness or greasiness on your scalp when using wooden combs or brushes. These tools work towards keeping hair soft via conditioning it naturally. It also prevents the scalp from getting oily via interrupting over-secretion of sebum on scalp.

  1. Longer Hair

If you love to have longer stronger hair, then you should use a wooden comb. For healthy hair, you must focus on maintaining a healthy scalp. This is what promotes longer, stronger hair. Wooden comb possess great potential for enhancing blood circulation all through the scalp. Hence, it becomes extremely easy for the hair follicles to get sufficient vital nutrients. Furthermore, the secretion of sebum is synchronized and the impurities get eliminated from the hair completely to stimulate growth of hair.

  1. Natural Conditioning

Combing hair with a wooden comb or brush will lead natural oil of the scalp run down each and every hair strand evenly. It is very similar to natural conditioning that provides softer and smoother hair.

  1. Makes Hair Shine

Since, natural oil of the scalp is distributed evenly through hair with a wooden comb; it enjoys superb shine, gloss and more radiance.

  1. Safe

Plastic and metal combs are not safe for hair and scalp. They can leave bruises, scratches, and break the hair. Wooden combs and brushes are safer owing to their sleek and polished body. They are gentle on your scalp.

  1. Freedom from Static Electricity

Using plastic comb or brush produces static electricity in your hair. It accelerates reduction of hair energy to the brain. On the other hand, wooden brushes being an insulator cannot conduct electricity. Hence, use of wooden combs or brushes will let you keep static electricity miles away.

  1. Few of No Allergies

Wooden combs and brushes are hypoallergenic. Thanks to their natural components. Some of them are also available with a protective coating. Hence, the chances of developing allergies on scalp are almost nil.


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