9 Hair Colors for Dusky Beauties – Colors to Complement your Skin Tone

Are you looking for the perfect hair color? Unfortunately, most ladies are unable to make the right choice. The biggest hurdle is choosing a color that complements one’s skin tone. Dark skinned beauties have tough time choosing the perfect hair color for themselves due to the stereotypes associated with certain colors dusky lasses can pull off.
However, beauty experts believe that dusky girls are the luckiest as they can carry the most coveted colors than their paler counterparts.
Listed below are 9 hair colors best suited for dusky beauties:

1. Brunette

A perfect choice for dusky skinned beauties, brunette is a safe try. It comes in a lighter hue and makes your hair attractive, shiny and bouncy. You may also use some undertones with brunette such as ash brown, auburn, mocha, and gold. All of these colors make a great combination for dark skinned ladies. Once you go global with brunette, touch ups are rarely needed. For older ladies, it will takes away years from their face.

2. Ombre

Beyonce loves it! A huge trend in the year 2016, ombre is still in vogue. This stunning hair color will enhance your complexion and features. If you are looking forward to give your hair a new look this Christmas, go ombre!

3. Red

Of course, it is a very bold color. However, when done right, it can enhance the features of dusky complexion. Coloring the hair all red (without any highlights) will make you look glamorous. A variety of shades are available in this color including auburn red, mahogany red, red brown, dark red and cherry red. All of these are aptly suited for dusky beauties. Remember that the hair needs to be treated chemically (bleached) prior to coloring red. This is how the color gets on the hair. One of the best things about red hair is that it is low maintenance and can easily be restored sans any damage.

4. Cinnamon Bun

The color holds immense capacity to add a nice glow to your beautiful dark skin tone. It is a mix of a certain set of colors including red, burgundy, and brown. The perfect blend of three colors makes it look fabulous!

5. Pink is In

Although an unconventional option, pink is an attractive hair color. Those who do not like to experiment with their looks may not feel comfortable with the color initially. However, pink is definitely the color for dusky beauties this season. It is in vogue. If you love to don a wild and bold look, this is the color for you. It is a less on-face color that can be made chic by mixing with a hint of burgundy. Dark skin will be accentuated with pink. For a sassy look this festive season, go pink!

6. Caramel love

How to get all the limelight this New Year eve? Simply dye your hair caramel! This will make you steal the show. You will look absolutely gorgeous. It is one of the hottest choices under the ‘dark brown’ category. Whether you wish to go global or simple highlights, caramel brown will make you look great.

7. Auburn Brown

One of the hot favorites among Hollywood personalities, you simply need to color your hair auburn brown to boost your style quotient this winter! Another ideal choice for dusky complexion, you will look ultra-stylish with a head full of hair colored in auburn brown. One of the best colors that subtly accentuate facial features sans going overboard on the head, auburn brown is a safe color for all ages.

8. Honey

This light shade is softer and looks awesome on dusky skin. If you are planning to try out something new yet very subtle this season, go for this honey hue. It looks pretty and makes for one of the best alternatives for going fully bright and bold. The color is also an amazing option for summers!


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