Apply Kajal Perfectly – Get the Pro Look at Home

Kajal or eye kohl is an integral part of makeup. It adds a definition to eyes and makes them look sexier. Applying kohl to eyes is not a new age practise. In India, the practise has been prevalent since the ancient age. Since many centuries, women have been using kajal to beautify their eyes and add depth to them.

Not Just a Beauty Tool

Apart from beautification purposes, kajal is also known for many of its medicinal properties, especially when prepared in the traditional style. It has been used for preventing and curing many eye-ailments. Even today, in many Indian urban as well as rural households, grannies follow the traditional custom of lining up the eyes of babies and infants with home-made kajal. They believe that this practice will beautify the eyes of children, make them bigger and keep eye ailments at bay always.

The Making of Traditional Kajal

Kajal is prepared by collecting soot from an oil lamp. Thereafter, it is mixed with pure clarified butter (ghee). The mixture is usually cooled in a fridge or kept at room temperature. The preparation is meant for imparting a cooling effect to eyes when applied. These days, a lot of brands have come up with their own versions of eye pencils and kaajal. In fact, you can see a variety of colours and shades of kajal available in India. These are easy to use and don’t smudge easily like traditional versions of kajal.

How to Choose the Best Kajal

Choosing a kajal that’s best for you is where you should start from. It all depends on the kind of look you wish to achieve and your comfort factor. In case, you are looking for a traditional smudgy look, go for typical kalaj boxes available as compressed wax. For comfortable application and non-smudgy look, go for pencil kajal. Waterproof gel kajal is the hottest trend. These are applied with the help of thin brush and perfect for deeper, smoky, sexy look.

Tips to Apply Kajal

Clean Eyes

Make double sure your eyes are clean. Any dust or an eye-lash as it may irritate the eyes especially if it smudges with the kajal.


You can apply an eye cream or a dash of moisturizer around the eyes to avoid excess dryness.

Pull Lower Lid

Gently and carefully, pull down the lower eye lid. The idea is to expose the inner lid line.

For Pencil

Take the pencil (keep tip blunt) to avoid poking eyes. Drag the pencil slowly on the lower eye lid along the contour. You must start from the inner eye towards the outside.

For Gel

Sweep some gel on eyeliner brush and start giving gentle strokes from the outer corner of eyes towards inner corner. Apply 2-3 strokes to get a natural look.

Remove Extra

Using a cotton ball, gently sweep under eyes starting from inner corner to remove any extra kajal and give a nice smooth finishing.

Enjoy your new mysterious look!


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