Are You Showing enough TLC to Your Breasts? Love Your Breasts the Right Way

If you love your boobs, it is important that you take care of it too. Right from wearing the right size, type of bras to massaging them regularly and keeping them moisturized, you must do it all. Most women tend to neglect their breasts while caring for the body.

Exercising is also very important. So continue with your pushups.

Here is a list of things you should do while carrying out a regime for boob care:

1. Dry Flaky Skin

This is why body butters were made. Invest in these amazingly created body creams. Apply it religiously on your legs, hands, arms and stomach. Also use an exfoliator. Follow it with moisturize your breasts.

2. The Boob Sweat

Boob sweat is definitely annoying. This occurs among women with low hanging breasts. The problem also causes rashes under breasts. Are you prone to boob sweat? If yes, then make sure sprinkle some talc on the lower part. This should be done before you put on a bra.

3. Stretch Marks

These may occur due to various conditions – frequent weight loss and gain, age, pregnancy, wearing wrong bra size etc. The main focus should be on helping skin to heal. You can also invest in some good quality cocoa butter or stretch mark cream. These are usually made for pregnant women. You can use these and heal the skin fully.

4. Blotchy Patches

So what are red and unsightly spots you get on face sometimes? These are caused by sunburn. And yes, these may even show up on your boobs. In short, your boobs too need SPF. So apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. You may even consult a dermatologist to get the best options for your sensitive skin.

5. Pigmentation

It is not uncommon to develop pigmentation on breasts. A lot of women find appearance of dark spots and discoloration very annoying. Do these bother you? If yes, then look for things that will help you get rid of these marks. You can cover these up with concealer. Another option is to scrub the area with walnut scrub (available easily on the market). Also apply creams that contain collagen and vitamin E. Also do regular massages with olive oil!

6. Oils and Creams

Right from firming of breasts to general skincare, you can find a wide range of cream and oils in the marketplace. You can use these to take good care for your chest area. Beauty experts suggest almond oil for firming skin around the region. Mixing it with a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil will enhance overall breast health. A thorough massage once a week is enough.

7. Hair on Tits!

Nobody actually talks about nipple hair but it is a reality one cannot ignore. It is very annoying and common. Some may shave, trim or nip (ouch!) to get rid of these. This is ok for a few strands here and there. However, if you are facing a severe problem, consider cosmetic hair removal.


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