Best Hair Colour Choices for Indian Skin Tone

Gone are the days when hair colour was used for hiding gray hair. Today, it is widely used by fashion conscious individuals to revamp their looks. Hair colour is certainly a fabulous way to change your entire appearance in a subtle way. However, you need to choose the right colour for hair.

Choosing hair colour based on models on magazine covers is not the right way. Understand that what works on say Western hair does not suit for Indian skin tones. Blonde hair may not look good as they do on Hollywood babes.

Here’s a guide to choosing the best hair colour for Indian skin tone:

Before deciding on a specific colour, it is important to know your skin tone. Is it warm or cool?

If you turn red or burn in the sun, you are cool. In case, you tan, you’re a warm. You may even meet a professional hairdresser to determine your skin tone.

The Colours that Suit Indian Skin Tone

Natural Hair Colour

Indian women should go for browns, reds and burgundy for their hair. The undertone of the skin plays a crucial role in choosing hair colour. If you are yellow, avoid ashy brown or gold colours as these may make you look jaundiced. For those with red undertone should not go for reddish shades. Remember that you hair colour should not go against your skin colour.

Brown Hair Colour

Brown is known to be the safest colour option. As per your skin tone, you can choose a colour. For instance, mahogany and the likes would suit cool skin tone. For warm skin, ash brown is the best choice.

Burgundy Hair Colour

This is the best colour option for those with olive and yellow skin tones. This will also suit darker girls.

Red Hair Colour

This can be really tricky and look overdone. Hence, it is better to mix it with some other colours or get a few streaks done with lighter shades. If you are fair complexioned, it is better to go for lighter red or copper colour. Olive girls must choose blue based reds that are darker.

Golden Hair Colour

This is one of the hot favourite among Indian women. But this is not a natural colour choice and may look really bad with Indian skin tone. So, instead of going for a full head of blonde, it is crucial to add only a bit of it with other colours. The best way to wear golden is via combining it with some brown.

Black Hair Colour

Pure black is a definite no-no. It makes one’s features harder and exhausted. It will almost look like a wig. Dark brown shade is the best bet.

How to Wear Highlights

When considering global hair colour, it is always better to consider highlights or low lights. This should come as one or two shades lighter/ darker than your own colour. This is necessary to add realism and dimension to the hair. Adding highlights/ lowlights is a way  to add softness and dimension to hair.


If you are in a mood to experiment, you can go for a single streak of pink, red or even blue. They look cool. And it will turn you into an instant head turner. Go for thin streaks.


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