Bizarre Uses of Nail Make Up – Smart Uses of Nail Polish

So you thought a bottle of nail polish is just good for beautifying your nails? Well, this small attractive bottle can be used for many other daily household activities! Here are 11 unusual uses of nail polish:

Maintain Jewellery!

If you love your collection of costume jewellery, nail paint can help you maintain them. All you need to do is painting a clear coat on the inside of the jewellery and it won’t leave that ugly green stain on your body.

Thread a Needle

This is one of the most difficult jobs experienced by women. The thread just won’t get into the needle regardless of how hard you try. The old trick of wetting the tip of the thread with mouth doesn’t work really well. Try dipping the end of the thread in a small amount of nail paint. This will ensure easier entry!

Wart Remover

Warts are embarrassing and infectious. Covering them with nail polish will help you get rid of them. They will be gone after a week! But you need to throw away the polish you have used later to prevent the virus from spreading.


Tighten Loose Screws!

This may sound bizarre but it is true that nail paint can help you tighten loose crews. All you require doing is coat the screws in nail polish.  After setting the screws let the polish dry.  This should give you extra grip and added durability.

Smooth Furniture

The splinters in furniture can be coated with nail paint so you don’t rip or snag your clothing. All you need to do is apply a light coat or two over the problem area. This will ensuring you won’t damage the clothing any further.


Run out of paste and glue? Use your clear nail polish as the perfect alternative. Apply a small amount to envelopes, art and craft pieces, and even for resetting loose jewellery stones.


Are you allergic to earrings? If yes, then you may cover any part that touches your ear with clear nail polish. This will keep you from allergic reactions!


Rust-Free Metal Containers

The bathroom cabinets and dresser table can look unpleasant if they’ve got rust rings on the surfaces. This is common with placing metal containers like hair spray, mousse, deodorants etc. Just coat the ends of these containers to keep them rust free!


Clear nail polish can relieve the itch of a bug bite! Try it out and see for yourself!


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