Black Salt for Overall Health and Skin – Adding a Little Black to your Plate is Good

Indian black salt, popularly known as kala namak, is a specific variety of Indian volcanic stone salt. It is widely available in India, Pakistan and many countries across the globe. The salt is slight pinkish grey in colour owing to the presence of iron and other minerals.

Black salt consists of a unique sulfurous component which is usually compared to boiled egg yolks. Most people are unaware of the fact that black salt is as one of the most expensive commodities on earth. In fact, salt is the very foundation of human civilization. It is highly valued for its capacity to store food.

Origin of Black Salt

This is a special variety of salt originated in the Himalayan ranges. It is widely used in many Indian dishes. These days, people are using it for garnishing salads and drinks. Apart from the culinary benefits, black salt is loaded with many incredible health benefits.

The variety of salt is recommended for individuals with high blood pressure. It is also a good option for those on low-salt diets. Since black salt is low on sodium, it doesn’t enhance the sodium level in your blood. It is very popular for its properties for relieving common problems such as heartburn and intestinal gas. It also works towards enhancing one’s digestive system.

Amazing Health Benefits of Black Salt

The incredible benefits of black salt circumscribe overall health, hair, and skin.

Healthy Alternative to Ionized Salt

Salt is an integral part of everyone’s life. It is used in various snacks, drinks, and dishes. However, the most commonly used variety is the iodized salt (also known as sea salt). This is salt has many side effects on health such as paralysis, impotency, thyroid related problem, high blood pressure and many more. Potassium iodate and aluminium silicate are the most harmful chemicals found in ionized salt. This is also the reason many countries have banned use of this salt. This is the main reason why sea salt is banned in a lot of countries.

Black Salt is a healthy alternative to iodized salt. Listed below are a few health benefits of using black salt in our daily diet regime:

Therapeutic Benefits of Black Salt

In Ayurveda, black salt has been referred to as a cooling salt. It is loaded with many therapeutic advantages. Apart from laxative properties, it is also capable of curing intestinal disorders. Black salt is also very useful in enhancing eye sight. The high sulphur content in the salt can decrease gastric fire within and cures weak digestion.

Beautiful Skin

You may not have heard about this but black salt is very beneficial for skin. Instead of using chemical based soaps and creams, add black salt in your bath water. It works as an excellent healing element for sensitive skin. It also works magically for cracked feet and other problems such as swollen feet, warts, athlete’s foot, and foot sprains. It will heal away pain and worries. Black salt will completely rejuvenate your body.

Beautiful Hair

In case, you have been suffering from receding hairline, use black salt. Black salt is rich in essential minerals and helps in enhancing natural growth of hair. It strengthens your hair and treats issues related to split ends. Drinking tomato juice with a pinch of black salt will help you get relief from dandruff problems or acute hair fall. This will improve your hair growth and thickness. This enhances its sheen and lustre.


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