Caring for Newly Pierced Ear

“I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They’ve experienced pain and bought jewellery.” – Rita Rudner

Well, this is what men feel like but for women, it is “ear piercings make me wanna groove baby”. Piercing are painful but they are worth it and make you look beautiful. No wonder body piercing is such a hit among women these days.

Let’s us talk about the traditional ear piercing practise. This is something almost every girl on this planet has indulged in. In some cultures, girls are pierced right during infancy while others wait for their girls to grow up to teenagers.

In India, the Hindu scriptures attribute ear piercing to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. And this is the reason most girls across the country are seen with ear piercings. In case, you haven’t pierced your ear so far and wish to do so, then you must know that this painful fad and also demands decent amount of maintenance initially. In case, you fail to take good care of newly pierced ears, it can lead to a lot of infections. The infection may also lead to pus and irritation.

Here are some care and maintenance tips for newly pierced ears to avoid these complications:

Ear Piercing Care Regime

Maintain Hygiene

This is important. You must keep the region clean. Make sure you clean ears at least once in a day, preferably while taking a bath. Strictly avoid doing too often, as this may affect recovery system of your body and retard the self heal process.

The Vitamin Dose

It is crucial that you take vitamin-B with zinc supplement or a multivitamin tablet. A vitamin tablet works towards enhancing internal healing process.

Clean Pillow

Use clean pillowcases. This is to make sure no bacteria affects the fresh wound.

Using Communication Devices

Avoid using public telephones. Also wipe clean your own phones with an anti-septic prior to using them. Make sure there is no dust on the telephone you use.

Organic Shampoo and Conditioners

After piercing, the chemicals in shampoo will irritate skin. Hence, it is important to make use of die free and perfume free products especially shampoos and conditioners. This is important while the piercing is in the healing phase.

Rinsing Solution

You should keep rinsing the wound with saline solution to remove the crest. The crest is precisely a yellow coloured clear fluid that is secreted. It tends to solidify and creates sharp edges. This may be really harmful for skin.

Touch Me Not

Avoid touching the ear piercing. The bacteria and germs on your hands will make the situation worse.

Don’t Remove Earrings

It is not advisable to remove earrings for at least three months after initial piercing. Removing the piercing time and again may lead to infections. It can also lead to the ear hole and close it forever. Under such situation, you may need to go for another piercing session.

See a Doctor

In case of any kind of inflammation, burning sensation, or drainage of yellow/green coloured fluid; speak to your doctor. These may be a sure shot sign of an infection.


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