Cleaning your Belly Button – Some Useful Tips

When it comes to keeping body clean, belly button is the least focussed of all areas. Most people also tend to ignore it as is a very difficult area on your body to clean. And yes, we tend to forget about it very often. The good news is that, apart from taking regular baths or showers, there’s no need to clean the belly much. Only occasional (monthly) cleaning is enough as the area contains a lot of helpful bacteria.

Why Clean Belly Button?

As per a study conducted by health enthusiastics, it has been proved that an individuals’ sex appeal lies in his or her belly button. Well, you may not believe this but it is true that your belly button can attract a lot of people towards you! Now, if you have already shifted your shirt up and given a look to your belly button, you know what we are talking about.

A close look at your belly button will make you realize that it has been many months that you have properly cleaned it. The body part must have also acquired a lot of dirt that seems very difficult to get rid of.

Regardless of whether or not you like to flaunt your belly button, it doesn’t really hurt to keep it clean always. As already discussed, you don’t require proper cleaning daily or weekly. Only monthly cleaning regime will do.

Did you know?

The bacterium known as ‘bacillus subtilis’ found in a belly button is responsible for stinky feet? And you would not want your feet to smell bad! So keep your navel clean and help the feet smelling great always!

Here are some important tips and guidelines on cleaning belly button:

Instructions to Follow when Cleaning Belly Button

  • Understand that belly button is a sensitive part. So you need to be very gentle while cleaning it.
  • In case, your belly button has got very hard lint or a thick line of dirt, you need to clean it with care.
  • You can use baby oil and cotton swabs (ear buds will do).
  • You may also use a sanitizer or hygiene wash if the area is smelly.
  • You must clean the belly while laying on bed. Standing or sitting position is not considered comfortable and appropriate.
  • Before you actually start off with the cleaning routine, pour a few drops of baby oil on belly button and allow it to stand for a while.
  • Ideally, it is crucial to allow the oil on belly button to set for about 15 to 20 minutes. This will help in loosening the lint.
  • Strictly avoid pressing or rubbing the belly button area too hard. This may lead to an injury.

How to Clean the Belly Button Area

Step 1: Get All Supplies Ready

First, it is important to gather all of the requisite supplies needed for cleaning belly button. You would require a Q-tip. There are many other ingredients that you need to keep handy to ensure effective cleaning of belly button region. You must keep the following items ready:

  • Baby oil
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Cotton swabs (or ear buds)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Astringent
  • Clean warm water

Step 2: Soak Belly Button

Lie down and pour a few drops of oil on your belly button. Stay in the position for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is important to loosen the dirt and facilitate cleaning process.

Step 3: Clean Gently

Dip one head of the cotton swab into rubbing alcohol and rub gently around in your belly button. Make sure you are very gentle while doing this. Strictly avoid rubbing the interiors of belly button too hard.

Step 4: Discard and Use New Swab

Discard the swab and repeat the process with a fresh swab and hydrogen peroxide.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

Using fresh swab, repeat the process again. You need to use this until there is dirt on your belly button.

Step 6: Extract Remnants

Once you are done, take a clean swab and gently clean out any remaining cleaning solution still present in the belly button.

Step 7: Clean Fully

Make double sure to extract as much water, baby oil, astringent, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol from your belly button as possible. The remnants may cause irritation later.

Step 8: Dry Thoroughly

This is very important. Make sure you dry your belly button carefully after the cleaning routine.

Some Tips on Daily Belly Button Cleaning Routine

  • Soon after you take a shower, dry the area with a clean dry towel. Remember that too much water and moisture can promote the growth of more harmful bacteria and fungus in the area.
  • Since, your belly button is a refuge for over 1,500 kinds of healthy bacteria, it is not wise to interfere or bother them with invasion of harmful bacteria.
  • There is no need to clean your belly button regularly. All you need is a regular bathing and soap washing routine. You need to use this soap in and around your belly button. This is more than enough of a daily routine. There’s absolutely no need to worry much about other things. The area does not really require constant supervision.
  • In case, you have pierced your belly button, you must make dedicated efforts to clean it thoroughly.
  • Prior to showering during winters, use a little coconut oil or olive oil in your belly button area. Oil is a good medium for cleaning as it effectively binds to dirt and other particles. This makes it easier for it to be washed away during your shower routione.
  • In case, you have a dry belly button is dry, use some Neosporin. This will help you work your way around your belly button. Also use a slow, circular pattern and get right in the middle prior to removing the cream entirely using a swab.
  • Washing with warm or cold water (depending on the weather outside), rubbing with soap for at least 20 seconds is good enough for belly button cleaning routine.
  • Washing with soap and water is the best way to reduce germs. In case, soap is not available, you can also use an alcohol based sanitizer that has at least 60 per cent alcohol.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these instructions keep belly button clean always! All the best!


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