Common Skin Care Mistakes – The Skin NO-NOs

You love your skin! Well all of us do. And we all take good care of it (at least that’s what we believe). However, there are some common blunders that we make in our daily lives. These blunders directly hit our facial skin.

Like every woman you would always want to have beautiful skin and healthy. Right from home care to special care in the salon or spa, you spend a lot of money to keep your skin healthy and happy.

So, where do you go wrong?

Listed below are some common mistakes made by women’s day to day facial skin care:

Skin Care Mistake 1: No Face Cleaning before Hitting Bed

You reach home after a party late night. Your body is already tired and all you want to do is throw yourself on the bed. This is the most dreaded of all errors. Skipping face cleaning for even one night can be extremely dangerous. Sleeping with cosmetics or the pollution outside disrupts the vital skin regeneration process. This occurs only while you sleep. If you are too tired, clean your face with wet tissues. Keep a box of tissues by your bedside. This will help you remove traces of makeup. You may even keep a bowl of water with cotton balls dipped in ready in the bathroom. This will make your face cleaning job easy.

Skin Care Mistake 2: No Face Washing in the Morning

What do you do first thing in the morning? Well, it is important to include face cleaning routine as first thing in the morning. It will clean the face of all the toxins in the body. The process will also clean all of the cosmetics that are likely still attached to the skin. While you are asleep, the skin is still working to regenerate and cleanse from within. You need to help it out as far as possible.

Skin Care Mistake 3: Scented Soaps and Cleansers

Women love perfumes. The floral scent, citrus scents, and a variety of other scents available on the market these days are a treat for senses. However, fragrance in the face makes no sense at all. This is a dangerous combination and tends to disrupt and hinder the formation of the natural fat of the skin. The final result is dry or irritated skin.

Skin Care Mistake 4: Frequent Face Washing

Many women like to wash their face very often. The reason is a feeling of stickiness, dirt, and heat. Unfortunately, this is not a good option as the process involves rubbing of facial skin. Hard pressure and chemical contents of soap is too harsh. The rough textures can make your skin red and dry. You may not believe it but water actually makes your skin dry!

Skin Care Mistake 5: Make-up during Workout

Visiting a gym is cool. You meet a lot of friends there and dressing up for workout is fun too. But dressing up your face is not a good option. In fact, working out with make-up on will make it difficult for your skin to breathe. It will also turn the skin hot. In fact, you must clean your face prior to exercise.


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