Dark Knees and Elbow? Effective Home Remedies to Follow

Dark Knees and elbow are unsightly. But they aren’t escapable either. How are they formed? The dark skin on knees and elbows are actually build-up of thick and dead skin formed due to friction or pressure on the area. Excess friction and force tends usually leads to discolouration of skin. For instance, regular leaning onto the table with impact on elbows, kneeling down for prayers, crawling in shorts while exercising can make the skin look very dark and ugly. This is an embarrassing situation for women who are fond of wearing shorts, sleeveless dresses and similar form of clothing.

Black knees and elbows can occur regardless of colour of one’s skin or complexion. Too much exposure to sun and not emphasising much on exfoliation of skin can also lead to darkening of the skin. You can easily get rid of the problem via using a number of home remedies.

The Tip: Make sure the home remedies you use are strictly based on bleaching and exfoliation of the affected areas.

Listed below are some of the best home remedies to get rid of dark elbows and knees:

Honey and Lemon for Dark Knees and Elbows

Lemon juice is known for its natural bleaching properties. Honey is a moisturizer and prevents skin from skin darkening. You need to repeat this remedy at least thrice a week to ensure better results.

Baking Soda for Dark Knees and Elbows

Baking soda is considered very effective in cleaning the skin. This helps in reducing darkening of the skin. You can follow this recipe to get rid of dark skin and make the area soft and beautiful.

Take about one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix it well with some milk. Now apply this paste on knees and elbows. You also need to scrub the area using gentle circular motions. Make sure you repeat the remedy once every alternate day. Keep repeating the process until you notice changes in the colour.

Turmeric, Honey and Milk for Dark Knees and Elbows

Turmeric is known widely for its antiseptic properties. Milk acts as natural bleach. Honey moisturizes dry skin and is valued for antiseptic properties. These natural properties of the ingredients will help to get rid of dark elbows and knees.

Here, you just need to mix some turmeric with milk and honey and make a smooth paste of it. Apply it on the dark areas and allow it to set for about 20 minutes. Wet your hands and rub it for 2 minutes. Wash it off with fresh water.

Olive Oil and Sugar for for Dark Knees and Elbows

Sugar is a fabulous exfoliant. When combined with olive oil, it works as an amazing moisturizing exfoliator. Mix equal quantities of olive oil and sugar in order to make a thick paste. Now apply this mixture on to the black knees and elbow. You should rub the skin using this mixture for about five minutes. Also wash using mild soap and water.

First, you need to extract juice of a lemon and mix it with a tablespoon of honey. Now apply the mixture of lemon and honey on the affected areas. You need to leave the mixture to act for at least 20 minutes. Wash the mixture off with warm water. Regular use of this recipe will help you achieve lightened skin tone on knees and elbow.

Exfoliating Brush for Dark Knees and Elbows

Try using a high quality (prefer organic) exfoliating brush or loofah everyday to remove the dead cells from the knee and elbow. This is very important to remove dark skin from the area. You need to use it while taking bath, when the skin is moist. Just scrub the skin in circular motions.

Gram Flour and Lemon for Dark Knees and Elbows

Gram flour will cleanse the hard area and ensure provides mild exfoliation. Lemon is natural bleach. This helps in reducing darkness of the area.

Add some 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to a tablespoon of gram flour. Now apply this mixture to the affected areas and rub in circular motion. You should allow it to dry and wash it off to get desired results.

Olive Oil for Dark Knees and Elbows

Most women tend to ignore the excellent properties of olive oil. This oil acts as a natural bleaching agent. It also works towards softening the rough skin on the knees and elbow. It adds to the smoothness and glow to the skin. This is one of the cheapest remedy for dark skin especially for areas darkened due to friction and dryness. All you need to do is rub warm olive oil to the knees and elbows every day for 10 minutes in a day until you achieve desired results.

Cocoa Butter for Beautiful Elbows and Knees

These are considered as natural fats and act as excellent moisturizers. They make skin soft and eliminate darkness caused by dry and flaky skin. So you need to apply cocoa butter on the darkened areas daily before going to bed.

Fruits for for Dark Knees and Elbows

Many fruits such as tomato, lemon, and grapes have bleaching properties. These facilitate in getting rid of black skin when used regularly. Hence, you should apply the juice of any of these fruits daily on the affected areas.

Aloe Vera Gel for Relief

Aloe Vera is an amazing ingredient to treat and reverse sun damage caused to the skin. It moisturizes the skin and prevents problems such as excessive dryness that leads to darkening of the skin. For this, you need to take fresh leaves of Aloe Vera and extract gel by breaking the fleshy part of leaf. Now apply the fresh gel to the knees and elbows. Leave it for half an hour. This will get you fresh looking skin on your elbows and knees.

Sunscreen is Important

Don’t ignore the importance of sunscreen lotions on these areas. Apply sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 or above liberally on these areas when moving out of home. This will protect elbows and knees from getting dark.

Vinegar and Yoghurt for Best Results

The combination will offer you excellent results. You need to prepare a mixture of vinegar and yoghurt on the affected areas. Allow it to dry for about 20 minutes. Rub the area gently in circular motion for two minutes and wash with warm water.

Pumice Stone for Dark Knees and Elbows

This is an ancient recipe but works really like magic! Rub the dark skin using a pumice stone. This helps to remove the dead cells of the skin. You need to use pumice stone to remove the dead skin while bathing.

Special Moisturizers for Dark Knees and Elbows

Moisturizers tend to hydrate the skin and avoid excess dryness of the skin. This is important for preventing darkening of the skin. The moisturizers also reduce the friction on the skin.

Special Oils for for Dark Knees and Elbows

Natural oils are known for their properties to retain moisture of the skin and reduce the darkness of certain areas. So massage your knees and elbows daily with natural oil such as sesame oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. This reduces dryness and darkening of skin.


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