Effective Tips for Treating Large Pores

Large pores are unsightly. Hey can ruin the entire look of a beautiful face. Also enlarged pores on face are very uncomfortable.

What are the causes of enlarged pores?

Large pores on face can be caused by a number of things including acne scars, oily face, and a lot more. A number of treatment facilities are available these days to shrink pores and smoothen complexion. Women don’t mind spending huge amounts of money on beautifying themselves.

What if we say there’s a way to shrink pores and get smooth skin without spending a fortune? Yes, you heard it right! There’s a natural way to shrink pores. Here’s how you can go about it:

Kiwi Fruit for Large Pores

Kiwi fruit offers excellent nutrients to the body as it has high content of vitamin C. The fruit will help in maintaining the overall beauty of the face. It also has a significant amount of Vitamin E as compared to any other fruit. Including the fruit into your daily diet and applying it on face as a mask will do the trick.

Kiwi Fruit Face Mask


The vitamin E content in kiwi fruit mask serves as an antioxidant, a substance antidote to free radicals.

Delays Ageing

This mask is powerful enough to can prevent the causes of premature aging. It also prevents cancer cells.

Fresh and Healthy Skin

The kiwi fruit mask will maintain healthy and fresh skin.

Cleaning of Skin

The mask cleanses the pores deep.

Tighten Pores

The kiwi fruit mask is extremely helpful in tightening large facial pores.

How to Prepare Kiwi Fruit Face Mask to Tighten Pores:

Step 1: Clean and cut a kiwi fruit and cut into pieces.

Step 2: Blend in a blender until smooth.

Step 3: Clean face and apply evenly. Avoid eye and lip area.

Step 4: Allow the mask to dry until it feels tight on the skin. The process will take about 15-20 minutes.

Step 5: Once dry evenly, wash with warm water.

Step 6: Pat dry and moisturize the face with a rich creamy lotion.


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