Enhanced Hair Growth with Yoga

Yoga is very effective in hair loss and all kinds of hair related problems. In order to ensure fast growth of hair, one needs to include right yoga posses/asanas into their regime. The key is to practise asanas that directly affects or work on scalp blood circulations. Yoga is a natural process and does not require injecting or applying harmful chemicals to the scalp. It works via reducing stress and ensuring appropriate blood circulation to the scalp.

How Yoga Helps in Hair Growth?

Yoga helps in the following ways to ensure hair growth fast:

Removes Stress

Yoga is good for your respiratory system as it includes techniques of proper breathing in and out. This ensures significant decrease in stress levels.

Enhances Blood Circulation

The yoga asanas mentioned in this article will directly work on your head to direct blood circulation to the head.

Oxygen Consumption

Yoga facilitates a healthy respiratory system by ensuring consumption of the healthiest oxygen by the body.

Removes Toxins

Since blood circulation and breathing improves with this technique, the harmful toxins are instantly removed from your body.

Perfect Poses/Asanas for Hair Growth


Sit down on the floor with legs fold. Now rest your hands on the legs and sit in a very relaxing mood. Here, you need to indulge in proper inhaling and exhaling.

The Asana Works on-

  • Lungs and respiratory system

It works towards enhancing concentration and reducing stress. It helps in increasing oxygen consumption and eliminating toxins from your body.


Here, the body needs to be inverted with head on the floor. You need to give support through forearms around the backside of the head and legs. This should be rested perpendicularly up with floor.

The Asana Works on-

  • Head and scalp area for blood circulation. It helps in flow of blood together flow toward head.


Also known as shoulder stand, the asana is very effective in improving hair growth. You need to eest your back and head on the floor and from the edge of the neck and starting of the spinal chord lift the lower par up straight.

The Asana Works on-

  • Neck, head and scalp area


You need to lower body till hips are in straight standing position as compared to the upper half bend precisely opposite of lower half parallel.

The Asana Works on-

  • Head blood circulation


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