Get Petal Soft Skin – The Gorgeous Skin Rules

How many times has your skin revolted while trying a new product? Well, this is the way your skin resists anything that hurts. In order to get gorgeous skin, it is important that you learn how precisely to pamper your skin and avoid common irritants. The tips given below will help you have a healthy glow in no time!

Test before you Apply

With so many new products claiming miraculous results, it is impossible to resist. However, you must do a small patch test before applying a new product on skin. So test run on a patch of skin prior to applying. Now wait at least 24 hours to see the signs of redness, irritation, or even some of the other skin freak-outs. If nothing goes wrong, the product is  safe to apply.

Moisturize Well

Did you know sensitive skin is highly vulnerable to breakouts and pigmentation? Hence, a proper skin-care schedule is important to keep it in the best state. Moisturize your skin every morning and night in order to protect skin from water loss. This will also help you maintain a healthy barrier from the daily environmental hazards.

Be Label Wise

Reading labels before you buy is important. Fragrance free products are known to be the best for skin. Also go for those free of paraben preservatives. If you have sensitive skin, use products with less than 10 ingredients.

The Wash Rule

You need to keep pores clear and free of surface debris via washing it at least twice a day. Also opt for a cleanser that is specially formulated for sensitive skin. Blot-dry your face and apply a rich moisturizer straight away to ensure maximum absorption.

Less is More

Sensitive skin may revolt easily. Hence, you need to keep daily skincare routine products really simple. Just include a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen in your daily routine.

Choice of Cosmetics

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to sacrifice on makeup products. You just need to take care of certain factors to keep your skin happy and petal soft. Use a mineral powder as these are free from preservatives and artificial dyes. Also avoid waterproof mascara as you will have a hard time removing it. Stay away from liquid eyeliners. Trash old, expired cosmeticsand clean your brushes regularly.

Go SPF Smart

Human skin is sensitive to the sun. Hence, you need to wear sunscreen all year round. Use one with SPF 30 or higher to protect delicate skin tissue from harsh rays. Look for sunscreens with physical active ingredients including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are less likely to cause a reaction. Avoid sunscreens with chemicals such as octylcrylene, oxybenzone, and octinoxate.


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