Growing Out Your Eyebrows – Yes, It’s Possible!

Have you tweezed your brows in high school? If yes, then you must not expect them to grow out as beautifully as they should. Many women face the thin-for-life eyebrows issue after tweezing. The only solution is to either schedule for regular microblading treatments or an eyebrow transplant (yes, it exists).

But you need not worry as there are certain solutions for this problem. Many board-certified dermatologists have claimed that there are some things you can do to give a new life to your pencil-thin brows.

Eyebrow and eyelash hair grow just the same as the rest of hair. However, there’s one key difference! Hair on eyebrow and eyelash has shorter anagen growth phases as compared to hair on scalp. Mainly, eyebrow hair grows only for shorter periods of time as compared to hair on head. So eyebrow hair grows a little slower.

Additionally, issues such as stress, hormonal changes, and aging can lead to loss of hair on eyebrow. The major issue is “obsessive plucking”. This should be tackled prudently to avoid permanent damage to follicles and hair.

Certain medications including chemotherapy and health conditions such as Hansen’s disease (leprosy) and thyroid disease may result in changes to the hair growth cycle, leading to permanent thinning and loss of eyebrow.

The Solution

So what should you do about it?

Biotin Supplements

Heard of biotin? Yes, this is the go-to supplement for healthy hair, skin, and nails. You must try it to grow out your eyebrows. Hair growth supplements have really worked on eyebrows.


In case, supplements are not your cup of tea, try using Latisse. Also make sure you use only the FDA-approved eyelash growth serum. These are specifically designed for eyelash growth. Many have resulted in growing out thicker, darker brow hairs.

There are some eyebrow growth serums out there in the market similar to Latisse. These are designed for hair growth on scalp. However, using these on eyebrows might not be safe because the results might be difference.
Other factors that can help grow out your brow hair include a healthy diet (include a lot of greens and protein), stress free environment, and regular exercise.

Bad Habits You should Avoid

It is crucial to avoid over-plucking eyebrows. Additionally, any kind of scrubbing or scratching if the area should be strictly avoided. You can use an eyebrow brush and brow pencil to fill in your brows.

What about Microblading?

It is perfectly fine to try out microblading. The procedure will help you mimic the appearance of fuller brows. However, you must make sure the technician is well-trained and a licensed aesthetician. This is the only way to reduce the risk of bad results (or even an infection!).

Try looking from references from your friends. Also look for reviews and testimonials online. Make sure the technician uses brand-new, sterilized needles and blades to undertake the process. Growing your brows is a slow process. So you need to be very patient.


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