Home Remedy for Sun Burn – Using Vinegar for Beauty Treatments

Sun burn is a painful, dangerous skin condition which leads to long term unsightly marks on face that are difficult to remove. Hence, it is crucial to keep your skin protected from harmful rays of skin and treat it before it gets too late.

Our skin gets sensitive during winter. It has to face cold dry wind and harsh sun rays. Both are very harmful for skin. Hence, it is vital to take some steps to keep skin healthy, soft and glowing from within.

Most importantly, you must focus on protecting your skin from sun damage. This is of utmost importance. In order to get best effects, homemade tan removal remedies are very effective. Understand that tans are inevitable! Regardless of the amount of sunscreen you lather on, the brutal sun rays will find its way to harm you. There are many impressive ways to eliminate tan right at your home.

One of the best ingredients is white vinegar. You can use it to remove tan within the privacy of your home. This is also known to be one of the most effective tan removal packs ever:

Vinegar for Treating Sun Burn and Skin Lightening

Vinegar is rich in antioxidants. This helps it fight off free radicals and keeps bacterial and fungal infections away. It also helps restore pH levels of your skin.

Here’s how to use vinegar for face:

Ingredients Required:

  • Spray Bottle – 1
  • Vinegar – 3-4 tbsps

The Method:

Step 1: Take a clean spray bottle.

Step 2: Fill the bottle with some vinegar.

Step 3: Spray it directly on the face.

Step 4: Allow it to dry. Usually vinegar dries within 2 to 3 minutes.

You can instantly feel the cooling and refreshing sensation on your skin after spraying vinegar. To get best results, you need to follow the procedure once in every 5 hours. This will prevent the burning sensation and cure sun burn faster.

Daily Care against Sun during Winter

Apart from applying vinegar on face, it is also important to follow a simple daily skin care regime:

Understand that your skin needs time and care for it to regenerate. You can’t just ignore it. It is not possible to improve skin colour and texture without caring for it. The basic care routine will allow skin to heal itself.

You should drink a lot of water and sleep well. Also exercise to keep skin firm and eliminate toxins. You should never skip the exfoliation. This helps you get rid of dead and dry skin. Try some homemade scrubs such as oatmeal. There are many such options that you can use!

Also remove your makeup before you sleep every night. This is the most important rule to follow if you are serious about skin care. With makeup on, your skin cannot repair itself.

To remove tan and improve skin colour, it is crucial to take good care of your skin and pamper yourself. Use vinegar spray and relax as they work their magic.


Jackie@online fitness
Jackie@online fitness

I suppose that's worth trying if I don't have any aloe vera lying around!

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