Makeup Hacks to Help You Look Awake – Hacks Professional Artists Swear by

Feel exhausted in the morning? It is natural to have those mornings once in a while where you wake up feeling exhausted. And the problem is, the face shows it! So if are struggling with looking awake at an event, here are some serious hacks professionals swear by:

1. The Bold Red Lipstick

Yes, the statement red lipstick will work to pop up the tired eyes and make them look brighter and more beautiful. So, red lipstick under the eyes has the capability to cancel out any purple or blue tones. You simply need to blend away and then conceal well.

2. Prepare your Eyes

Puffy eyes look bad. So make sure you prepare your eyes by placing cold tea bags. Cold tea bags are the best tools to reduce puffiness under and around the eyes. Tea contains tannins work towards brightening and tightening the under eye area. It imparts the coolness to under eye so that the puffiness can be reduced. It works as mini ice pack! If you do not have tea bags handy, use chilled eye cream. It will give similar results.

3. The Inverted Triangle

This technique is usually used by experts. You simply need to conceal the under eyes. Do it in the shape of an inverted triangle. This will highlight, lift, and brighten your face! The inverted triangle might look crazy but blend it out flawlessly and it will work wonders! Most makeup professionals swear by it. You can use a small, damp beauty blender. It will help blending out the concealer after applying foundation. Also set it well with compact or face powder once you blend it.

4. Brow Bone are Important

Most women ignore the importance of highlighting brow bone. Highlighting brow bone will define eyebrows and gives an appearance of alert and awake appearance. Once you fill your brows in, it is time to highlight them with a brow highlighter. Some of the favorite ones used by professional makeup artists include silver, creamy, light pink, and white highlighting pencils. You may even try out concealers and blend properly.

5. Highlight the Corner

This is one beauty trick you need to be serious about. White or shimmer shadow in the corner of eyes will work towards opening them up. Most beauty artists have used the technique for sure. It is a hot favorite among them. It removes all signs of exhaustion and works as instant and incredibly simple “eye pop”.

6. Use a White Liner

This is one of the best makeup hack models and actresses swear by. You just need to apply white or nude eyeliner. Apply this on waterline. Applying black eyeliner on the top lid will make eyes look bigger. Avoid applying on the lower lid. This will make your eyes look smaller. So, use a white or nude liner on the waterline.

7. Mascara and Lash Curls

Have you ever considered curling your lashes? Well, the job is easier. All you need to do is use a quality curler and enjoy the magic. A lot of women tend to ignore the importance of curing their lashes. This is the most important step in makeup. Big dramatic curled lashes can make your eyes open. They will pop up. Adding mascara will add to the drama. This makes a significant difference to tired eye days!

Do you find these tips helpful? Try these to get the best look.


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