Its Official – The Flat Belly Secret is Out!

A flat belly is something most of us die to sport. Right from indulging in unlimited crunches to severe dieting and wearing spanx, we do all that push our tummy in. Getting perfect abs is not a difficult task these days especially after an overflow of gyms all around us.

Here are some tips to help you achieve a flat belly and maintain it for long too!

The Stomach Fat – What is it?

First and foremost, you must understand your stomach fat. Knowing why actually you have been sporting an unsightly belly will help you remove it. Excess fat (whatever goes you’re your body) gets stored in your stomach and butt. When this is combined with a poor diet, the belly fat pops up! Consuming more calories than your body actually requires will make you store a lot of fat in the body. These calories should be burned off through a workout regime.

The Solution: Plan a workout regime. Stick to it no matter what.

Crunches and Sit-ups may NOT Help!

Targeted stomach exercises is definitely essential for the development of envious abs. But endless crunches and sit-ups won’t work. This is because you need to follow a strategy that helps eliminate the fat around that area first. Stomach exercises are helpful only once excess fat is removed. The exercise will not burn fat directly.

The Solution: You need to follow a well rounded approach that includes a cardio regime, gym-workout and, a healthy, low fat diet.’

No Stress

One of the major obstacles in burning off belly fat is stress. Too much stress at work or at home plays havoc with your hormone levels. This makes it almost impossible for you to lose abdominal fat.

The Solution: Make sure you try your best cut down on stress. You will soon notice the difference.


Well, this comes with the measuring scales informing you about the about of weight you lose. You feel good about losing the first 300 grams, reaching 500 grams, and then finally a kilo! And once you lose about 4 kilos, it is timed to celebrate. Then you cheat once a week and every now and then. This makes you gain again.

The Solution: You need to train smart and cheat smart. The efforts you put in should give you results. Plan a strategic workout plan with your trainer. Also vary your workouts and stick to your training plan. Never give up!

The Diet

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get flat belly without taming your eating habits. You must address your nutritional needs and diet at the same time.

The Solution: Consume less of starchy carbs such as pasta, potatoes, and more of protein. You can include some lean cuts of meat and fish in your diet. Healthy fats such as olive oil and oily fish works will give you the kind of lean body that you have been looking for. To sum up, give up on junk food if you are serious about sporting a lean body.

To sum up, you need to stay committed to the change you wish to see in yourself.


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