The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for your Face

Ever noticed that getting an eyebrow shaped after a long gap makes brightens up the face? Yes, a slight change in the shape of eyebrows shape can transform overall look of your face. It can enhance your features too.

There are many shapes that you can choose from when threading the brows from a professional. Right from the bushy look actress Karisma Kapoor sported in her earlier movies to thin angular brows of Jaya Prada in Sargam and round shape maintained by former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, there are many amazing shapes to choose from.

However, you cannot try out each shape unless you have very thick one or a face structure that complements every shape. In case, you are not the one who likes to experiment with eyebrows, it is best to stick to your natural shape by getting rid of the extra hairs and trim them on a regular basis.

In case, you are curious about what shape will suit your face, here are some helpful tips to the shape of your eye brows according to your face.

Tips to get Perfect Shape for your Eyebrows

Listed below are some of the most common types of eyebrow shapes sported by Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities:

The Arched Eyebrows

The arch usually moves upwards from the inner corner of the eyes and slowly slopes downwards. The shape compliments those with sharp features. They look amazing on majority of women depending on arch height given in proportion to face shape. Arched eyebrows will make your face look longer. Aishwarya Rai and Angeline Jolie have maintained this shape for a very long time.

The Flat Eyebrows

These are similar to a straight line. They don’t have any arch or angle. Also they don’t have highest point when compared with starting and end points. The shape looks fabulous on those with very long or oval face. Hollywood celebrity Brooke Shields and Miranda Kerr have straight eyebrows.

The Angled Eyebrows

Angled shapes are well suited for round face shape. Since the shape gives an illusion of sharpness to the face. The eyebrows look striking and go up straight right at an angle and slowly slops downhill. Michelle Obama is known for her passion to keep angled eyebrows. These brows look elegant. These eyebrows make eyes look wider and draw direct attention to the eyes. It works towards balancing a round and chubby face.

The Rounded Eyebrows

Highly valued as traditionally beautiful eyebrows across India, you must have seen most portraits of beautiful women and even deities sporting rounded eyebrows. These are simple to shape easy to maintain. The shape is highly suitable for balancing round eyebrows.

When it comes to choosing the best shape, there’s no hard and fast rule. The most important thing in this regard is what looks good on you and the shape you are comfortable carrying. It is you who can decide on the best shape for yourself. So choose one today ask your stylist to give you a makeover.


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