Perfect Non-Messy At-Home Hair Colouring Tips

At-home hair colour – intimidating, right? Well, not necessarily! Many who have been practicing the art for a number of years feel that at home hair colour can be an easy and hassle free task. However, it is crucial to make sure you know all of the rules prior to embarking on a DIY session.

Read on for tips and tricks from experienced DIY hair colour experts. These tips will help you colour hair the way professionals do:

Pick the Right Hair Colour

When it comes to picking a specific hair colour formula, it is crucial to look into the list of ingredients on the side of the box. According to professional colourist, the most necessary ingredient in hair colour. It helps in achieving some colours and even lightens hair. It offers you maximum gray penetration required. The amount of ammonia depends on the type of colour you require. For subtle hair colour, you may go for ammonia free colour. For intense change, amount of ammonia surely increases.

Easy Technique
The DIY hair colour technique is similar to any other home activity that you accomplish. All you need to focus on is accomplishing the task within a specific time frame. For instance, non-permanent hair colour should only be left on for about 10 minutes on hair to avoid damage. The permanent one will require 25 minutes to process.
The Time Test
In case, you are confused about the time period you’ll need to get your desired effect, just try a strand test on a piece of hair right at the base of your neck. This will help you know precise time you require need prior to risking it on your whole head.
Shade Guide
You may go for a shade that is two shades darker than your current shade. Thereafter, isolate only a few strands and paint through the hair using a mascara wand. This is an amazing technique that adds dimension to your present shade. If you have darker hair, add reddish or darker brown pieces to get similar effect.
Avoid Changes
Your DIY hair technique will be successful if you avoid making drastic changes. For instance, you should not use a blonde shade on black or dark brown hair at home. The results may be more than a shock for you. Additionally, fixing it in the salon may require a lot of time and efforts. The thing to do is stay within two to three shades of your natural hair colour.


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