Restoring Skin Quality after Long Term Exposure to Computers

Are you a woman who works on computer all the time or most of your time? If yes, then you must know that the activity can have a bad (very bad) impact on your skin. Studies have proved that those who are often in front of computer will exclaim need to pay extra attention to skin care. This will help them keep from acne, pimples, pigmentation and other serious skin problems.

So what is the best way to take care of skin when working on a computer? Well, there are many ways to maintain facial skin. But first, it is crucial to know how precisely computers can cause injury and damage to skin.

Skin and health experts feel that there are many damaging effects of computer on skin. Here’s what your skin goes through when in front of computer:

Static Electricity

As soon as the computer starts up, it produces static electricity. It is very harmful to your skin. The electrostatic interaction will facilitate screen absorb a huge number of dust particles and dirt in the air. Being close to your PC will attract a lot of dust to facial skin. This will skin dirty and clog pores. The pores get thicker and become a breeding place for acne. It also absorbs the water on the surface of skin and lead to skin dehydration. With the passage of time, the dry skin will become drier and oily skin will become oilier.


Did you know radiation generated by computer is damaging to both skin and eyes? This leads to a number of skin problems such as dry eyes, dark circles and dry skin. Another problem is photosensitivity skin. This is one of the major reasons skin becomes prone to rashes and red spot.


Constant staring at computer screen and squinting will lead to fine lines and wrinkles on facial skin. It may also result in dark circles around eyes.

It is crucial to keep in mind as a professional woman busy working on computer that the delicate skin around eyes needs protection.

Here are some tips to help you take care of skin while working on the computer:

Anti-Radiation Diet

Strictly avoid long-term sitting in front of the computer or laptop. You should keep sipping in green tea which has anti-radiation effect. It helps maintain skin quality and its natural elasticity.

Cleanse Thoroughly

Regardless of whether you have make-up on or not, it is crucial to wash and cleanse face thoroughly before retiring for the day. This will clear your face off dust particles and dirt and prevent small acne caused due to the dust on the face.

Eye Masks and Creams

Staring at the computer for frequently a long time will make your eyes tired. You will also feel some stinging sensation around the eyes. They will become dry and lead to tiny wrinkles. You must pay attention to choose an appropriate eye mask. Also apply an eye cream every few hours to rejuvenate eyes.


Buy a high quality moisturizer and keep your skin moisturized throughout. Also increase water intake on a daily basis. This will help you prevent vital moisture loss.


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