Rules to Stay Young Forever

Almost everyone dreads the ageing attack when they hit 40. This is the time when they try out different techniques to retard or slow down the ageing process. Unfortunately, most of these attempts fail. Don’t get disheartened. There are many anti-aging secrets which have been given a green signal by experts and have worked really well for many.

Rule 1: Attend to Nutritional Needs

It is important to understand your nutritional needs and choose the right type of foods. This will help you maintain super soft, smooth, and glowing skin. Understand that at any given age, you require boosting your body and supply your skin with certain vital nutrients. Make sure you have fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of processed or manufactured “fast foods”. Avoid rush during meals. You should give enough time to digest your food properly to avoid burden on your body leading to unnecessary wear and tear. This can cause premature aging!

Rule 2: Clean and Moisturize

You must use a gentle daily cleanser to keep your skin squeaky clean. Don’t use a washcloth that could pull and tear at the skin. Understand that the skin needs to be cleansed with your fingers using gentle, circular motions. Strictly avoid stretching the delicate eye area. Moisturize the skin daily as the process could protect it from the effects of wind, pollution, and sun. It also helps in retaining the natural moisture of the skin.

Rule 3: Loads up on Sunscreen

It is not easy to resist the warmth of sun during cold months. But hours under the sun will tan your skin and inflict gradual damage only to make it dull and thin. This also results in premature aging overtime. Apply sunscreen as part of your daily routine. It is highly advisable to use moisturizers which have sunscreen in them. If you are worried of not getting adequate sunlight exposure, it is advisable to get about 15 minutes of sun exposure each day. This will provides you with requisite vitamin D for your body to stay healthy.

Rule 4: Buying Anti-aging Products

It may be tough for you to choose high quality anti-aging products. Here are some tips you can follow as a guide:

  • The product you buy should have natural or organic ingredients.
  • Don’t use products with many chemicals.
  • Do not buy products with fragrances as fragrance contain toxins which are harmful for your skin.
  • Strictly avoid products with collagen. Researches have proved that it cannot penetrate the pores of the skin despite the claims from cosmetics manufacturers. Try using a product that stimulates collagen production within your own body.
  • The product should contain powerful anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals. These free radicals are the main culprits that cause premature aging.

Following the above mentioned rules will help you prevent the onslaught of premature aging and continue to look young for years to come.


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