Simple Eye Makeup Tips to Jazz up this Christmas and New Year Party!

The party season is almost here. You wish to look different, beautiful, and cool. A unique and trendy eye make-up will help you do so. Here are some cool party eye makeup tips to help you rock the party with creative eye makeup.

The Eye Make-up Tips

Primers for Eyes

Well, these are a new concept for a lot of women. However, these are an essential part of present day eye make up. Primers will prevent your eye shadow from creasing. The modern matte eye shadows have low staying power and intensity. Hence, it is crucial to use primers. This enhances pigmentation and staying power. So, buy a high quality primer and use it to make your eye make up last for a long time.

Brow Definition

Don’t ignore the importance of defining your brows. This rule applies especially for women with thin eyebrows. You should seriously think about filling the eyebrows up. But make sure you don’t make them look artificial. Try filling them lightly. The eyebrows should look natural. Fill with powder. Eyebrow pencils are a strict no no.

Loose Powder

These are used for flawless facial make up. But here, you must use these for eye makeup. Most of the eye shadows available on the market are pearly or full of shimmers. The moment you put it on your lids some of it may fall on the under eye area. To make make the situation worse, the glitter particles get trapped in eyelashes. This incident will ruin your entire party look. Don’t worry. The loose powder will come to your rescue. All you need to do is take some loose powder in a brush and apply it under eyes. As soon as you are done with the eye makeup, use an angled brush or a big fluffy powder brush and dust the extra powder off.

The Browbone

This is very important. You must highlight the browbone. This is known to be the best trick for those who do not have a prominent brow bone. The best way to do this is use a matte white eye shadow. This trick will work well for day makeup. For night make up, you can try shimmer champagne colour. Most importantly, you shouldn’t experiment with something new on the day of party or event. Practise and decide on something that suits you the best.

Blend by Patting

This is important to blend the colours together. So if you are trying to blend two colours then you should pat. First and foremost, you must apply colours in a fashion to overlap each other. This means that the intersection point should be right where the two colours should overlap. Now gently pat that area. You would be surprised to know that it will blend and produce a third intermediate colour.

Use Eye Lash Curler

This is a must have for all eye make up enthusiasts. It works towards opening up your eyes. Eyelash curlers can curl your lashes and open up your eyes. For those with deep set eyes the curlers are your best friend. Make sure you use curlers safely and don’t pinch your skin with it.

Mascara Applying Tips

To achieve the effect of longer lashes, just start applying mascara from the ends of the lashes. Most women start from the roots but this a wrong way of applying mascara. You need to apply two coats from the ends of the eye lashes. This will gives lengthening effect. For third coat, you may just wiggle your wand sideways on the roots before take it up till the end. When you start applying mascara from roots, it provides you with a thickening effect. The best part is that this technique guarantees lesser clumping and thicker and longer lashes.

White Pencil

Once you have pigmented lids and the colours just don’t show off properly, it is prudent to use a creamy white matte eye pencil. Most Bollywood heroines use it to make their eyes look bigger. Using a white works towards hiding pigmentation and make colours look more beautiful.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you pose a unique and attractive look for this Christmas and New Year party. Good luck!


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