Stay Gorgeous and Flaunt Glowing Complexion at Any Age!

We all are concerned about physical appearance especially our faces. No wonder most of our time and money is spent on things that claim to clear out our complexion. But it is important not to rely on anything just because it claims to offer you that ever-elusive glow! In fact, it is essential to research deep and know what’s good for you at a specific age and why.

Listed below are expert tips that help you keep your skin beautiful and glowing at every age. Looking younger has never been so easy:

The 20s Skin Prolem

This is the time when teenage years hormone start to level out. One may experience breakouts and many other problems during this period. Fluctuations in hormone levels before and during menstruation work towards stimulating sebaceous glands and produces excess oil. This leads to blemishes. Use of birth control pills may lead to breakouts because they affect natural hormonal balance. Increased progesterone levels and decreased water retention may also cause many skin problems.

The 20s Skin Solution

De-stress and get plenty of quality sleep. It is very important that you talk to your doctor before trying out birth control pills to avoid breakouts. Also apply lightweight hydrators to your skin including oil-free moisturizers and serums formulated with hyaluronic acid.

The 30s Skin Problem

Women in their early thirties experience slow down of growth hormones. This may result in fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth. Many women may even experience break outs owing to elevated stress levels.

The 30s Skin Solution

First and foremost, it is crucial to manage breakouts. You must reduce stress levels for that. Another important thing you need to do is start off with a balanced, anti-aging skin care routine. It is also important to stick to it. For acne prone skin, use a lightweight moisturizer and sulfate-free cleanser with salicylic acid. This is important to destroy acne-causing bacteria and deep-pore cleansing sans drying out the skin much. In case, you have started experiencing brown spots on your skin (pregnancy induced or slow growth hormones), use a high quality skin lightener. It is better to go for formulas with Vitamins C and E. Wearing a sunscreen all 365 days of a year is important.

The 40s Skin Problem

These are also known to be the peri-menopausal years. Interestingly, skin aging can start ten years prior to the actual menopause. Peri-menopause is a stage wherein when estrogen directly affects the function of key cells including those ones producing collagen and elastin, protect our skin, and keep skin color even starts to decline. These years will give problems such as uneven skin tone, increased wrinkling, etc.

The 40s Skin Solution

Use a nourishing eye cream and a serum. You must also go for regular at-home exfoliating acid peel. Use products with peptides, retinol, and rice extract. These are known to boost cell metabolism. They also plump the skin and stimulate collagen production. You should also go for professional skin care treatments such as facials and chemical peels to guarantee smooth and glowing skin.

The 50s Skin Problem

With the arrival of menopause, there’s a serious drop in estrogen making skin more reactive and sensitive. As microcirculation process retards, the skin deflates, and wrinkles become more prominent.

The 50s Skin Solution

You should reduce inflammation wherever you can. It is also important to avoid irritating chemicals in products and overexposure to the sunlight. You must also restrict your intake of caffeine and alcohol. Skin products should contain white tea, green tea, licorice extract, and chamomile. Exfoliate at least 2-3 times each week. Also start using an alcohol-free glycolic acid serum thrice a week. The diet should be rich in healthy fats such as almonds, salmon, and avocados.


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