Tips for Strengthening Weak Nails

We may not realize this but nails are one of the most utilize parts of our body. They tear. They peel. They’re paper-thin. Unfortunately, weak nails are a cause of concern. They drive you nuts. In case, you have weak fingernails, here are some tips to strengthen them.

Gelatin/Protein Supplements

Gelatin is made from keratin which is precisely the same protein that’s found in fingernails. Eating lots of protein may not help. But gelatine will work towards strengthening nails.


Soaking nails in olive oil is good for your nails. It will moisturize the nails and provide strength to them in the long run.

Sulfur Rich Foods

The logic behind this tip is that nails contain good amount of sulfur and protein. Certain foods like apples, garlic, and onions are rich in sulphur. Hence they should help your nails.

Overexposure to Water

Strictly avoid overexposure to water as this practise can dry out your nails. If you can’t avoid this, try protecting hands with gloves wherever possible.


Make sure you moisturize your nails as and whenever you get time. Rub a vitamin e rich cream in to the nails and cuticles.

Avoid Using Nails as Tools

Now you may be in the habit of using nails to unscrew a screw, peel off a sticker, and remove a splinter, etc. Constant exposure to stress can cause the nails to tear, split, or peel.

Don’t Saw

Rubbing your nails back and forth using a buffer or an emery board may cause damage to the nails. Just drag the emery board in one direction without using too much pressure. Also, avoid the grinding side of a buffer.

No Nibbling

Biting your nails affect their strength in the long run. Besides chomping the nails off with your teeth, you’re also exposing them to the water in your saliva over and over again. This works towards drying the nails out. Hence, you must find a way to break the habit. Use a hand cream daily is the best way to do this.

Get a Nail Strengthening Product

You need to use a supplement to good nail care and follow practices such as leaving them unbitten, moisturizing them regularly, and gentle shaping. Besides, you should also get into the habit of using high quality non-toxic nail treatment formulas available in bottles these days. These claim to harden, grow, harden, repair, and even protect your nails. Choose formulas made sans adding toxic and irritating toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate.


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