Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are inevitable! Women may develop these due to consistent weight gain and weight loss process and during pregnancy. Curing these are almost impossible. They may fade away to a certain extent but complete fading is not possible without surgery.

Health and beauty experts believe that prevention of stretch marks is better than cure. Most women fail to take proper measures against stretch marks until they’ve already started to appear. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the fact that it’s much easier to keep stretch marks from appearing in the first place.

Here’s all that you needed to know about Stretch Marks and Prevention Methods

What causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks may occur for many different reasons. As already discussed, many women develop during their pregnancy and weight loss process. Other causes include body building, dieting, lack of hydration, etc.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Start Early

You must make efforts as soon as you know you’re expecting. Ask your doctor to recommend you a specialized formula that can be applied topically and follow the method religiously.

Hydrate your Body

Drink plenty of water to help maintain skin’s natural elasticity. This is good for you and your baby. Speak to your doctor and increase intake of water during pregnancy accordingly.


Always keep a rich nourishing moisturizer handy at all times. If you are pregnant, you will need a formula specially made for preventing maternity stretch marks. Remember that your hormones fluctuate during pregnancy. This has a great impact on pH balance of your skins. The skin may also have problems producing adequate amounts of elastin and collagen during pregnancy.  Regular moisturizers are not equipped to handle these fluctuations in the body. Daily use of maternity stretch mark cream or lotion is very helpful in keeping your skin nourished and flexible. Most importantly, you must start at the first signs of pregnancy. You must use stretch marks cream at least twice a day to enjoy maximum benefits.

Fruits and Vegetables

Make sure you have loads of fresh fruits and vegetables during pregnancy. These are necessary for your baby’s daily nutritional requirements. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals derived from these vegetables and fruits will help your skin cells remain strong and intact even as your belly expands.

Prenatal Vitamins

Start your prenatal vitamins the moment you discover you are pregnant.

No dehydration of Skin

Strictly avoid foods that dehydrate your skin such as alcohol, aerated drinks, and sugary treats.

Bathe in Warm Water

While you might be tempted to take hot water bath during winter, it is important that you resist this temptation as far as you can. Use warm water instead and moisturize after patting your body with a soft towel. Also add a few drops of olive oil in your bath water to ensure extra moisture.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you keep unsightly stretch marks at bay. You need to follow these tips religiously to make sure you prevent stretch marks from forming in the first place. Good Luck!


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