Transform the Subtle Nude Eye Shadow Makeup into a Dramatic Look

The nude trend is here. Blame it on fashion icon Kylie Jenner who rocked it and made it famous. Usually, nude eye shadow is associated with subtle look. However, you can easily customize the look and turn into a dramatic nude smoky eye. It is the same classic smoky eye minus the bold black detailing.

Here’s a simple tutorial on how you can rock this look:

Step 1: Apply Primer

Thought primer was only for face makeup? No. There are eye makeup primers and very important to ensure that much needed flawlessness to start makeup. By applying eye makeup primer, you can make sure your nude look stays in place. The idea is to perfect the primer and create a smooth canvas to apply essentials (eye shadow). If you don’t have eye makeup primer (will suggest you have one), simply dab on foundation or concealer (tiny bit) to your lids.

Step 2: Create Base

Make up does not start or end without a decent application of base. Create your base. You need to use an eye shadow brush perfectly and sweep the medium nude shade in your palette and of your choice across the entire eyelid (the whole of it).

Step 3: Define your Crease

This is very important. Use a fluffy crease brush and sweep the darker shade along the eyelid crease. Start your way at the outer corner. Lightly work your way in. Create definition by slowly blending the color out. This will prevent the sweep of color from reaching all the way across crease. This is important to avoid as it makes eyes look smaller.

Step 4: Blend Well

The secret to flawless pro like makeup lies in the art of blending. So blend like a pro. Use a good quality fluffy blending brush. Start blending between your base color. Then define color in a way to create a subtle (very subtle) transition between the two. You need to focus on reducing the signs of demarcation as far as possible. The less, the better it gets.

Step 5: Highlight

This is very important. You can compare its importance to applying base and contouring while doing makeup. Make sure you perfect your highlight application art. This will instantly provide you with the much needed lifted-looking brows appearance. The step will also impart brighter-looking eyes. In order to achieve this look, apply a light coat of the lightest shade of eye shadow on your palette. Use an eye shadow brush for better application. Apply this light shade right underneath the tail end of your eyebrow. You must blend the entire thing out in a fashion to mimics the way natural light hit brow bone. The shine should look natural. Going over the top may look loud.

Step 6: Add Definition to Eyes

You need to define your eyes well. Brush on a nice mixture of both dark and medium colors in shadow. Start drawing from the outer corner of your lids inwards. End it with a dab of the lightest color on the palette. This will give a beautiful glow to the inner corner of eye.

Step 7: Keep the Cat Eye Simple

Now it is time to draw a minimal cat eye. Remember that nude smoky eye is everything but dramatization. So strictly avoid black eyeliner. You may either opt for a gray or brown one. These colors are not harsh and give a subtle look. Start drawing a thin line using a little flick outwards. You may do this with the help of your favorite eyeliner in brown. This adds definition to your lash line taking eyes away from flawlessly blended eye shadow.

Step 8: Pamper your Lashes

It is time to pamper your lashes with some love. You simply need to add two coats of voluminous mascara of your choice.

Hey presto! You’ve just nailed a whole new approach to nude eye shadow. Incorporating smoky eye technique into your regular makeup routine is easier.


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