Tricky Hairstyles to Cover Gray Roots!

Worried about gray roots will show? If you are in no mood to colour your hair for some time but fear the gray roots will show, here are some tricky hairstyles to sport. These hairstyles will help you disguise gray roots and make you look stylish.

If you find gray roots and re-growth peeping through too early, just follow the practical tricks to cover them for as long as possible:

No Plucking

No, we are not talking about the theory that plucking white hair gives you two. This is just a myth. But you shouldn’t pluck in any case. Temptations for plucking are understandable. Resistance is important. Plucking is bad for scalp and hair. The activity can damage the hair follicle. It can possibly lead to bald patches in future.

The Hair Braid

You can go for braided hair styles. Some of the best ones are french braids or braids that go in line with your hairline. These successfully tuck away gray hair and roots. You may also be able to conceal all kinds of appearance of re-growth amid colour applications.

The Part

You may not believe it but changing your part will help you conceal the grays. Some women have more grays on one side of the head as compared to others. Additionally, parting your hair in the same place will make regrowth more prominent. The idea is to switch your part to the other side. You may even try messy parting. This will help hide the grays.

Use Clips

Try using embellished clips or barrettes for your hair. This will help in concealing gray root growth. All you need to twist and then pin your hair roots right under coloured hair. Another idea is to clip hair into a nice half-up style. This is one of the best ways to cover grays at the crown. It will also cover your part when there’s no time to colour.

Scarf, Bandana or a broad Headband

Try wrapping your hair carefully with a nice scarf or headband. A nice bandana will also look stylish. A silken scarf around your head will cover up the roots. It will leave out just coloured ends you won’t mind showing.

Powder Makeup

In case, you are not in a mood to adopt any of the above listed option, try using some coloured powder on hair. This will save you when you don’t want to colour your hair. Just find a coloured powder makeup that matches your hair colour at the closest. An eye shadow or foundation will be a perfect choice. Make sure you use a damp brush and dab some powder over roots. This will help you camouflage the gray roots temporarily.

When everything fails, it is good to wipe out gray roots with your favourite hair colour. You may do it within the privacy of your home or under the guidance of a professional at a salon!


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