Understanding Skin Care No-Nos – Practices that Wreck your Skin

Ever wondered why your skin looks dull, uneven and lifeless despite using the best products and going for regular facials? You’re not alone. Most women don’t know where they go wrong.

Listed below are some ways you have been wrecking your skin!

Overexposure to Sun Rays

Well, there was certainly a time when people used to bathe themselves under sun. However, this is considered a sin now. Excess exposure to sun rays can make your skin look dull, uneven and cause premature ageing. Dermatologists feel that one of the worst things you can do to your skin is bake it under skin. It is also a way to cause injury to skin. Sun affects cells that renew skin. Injury to these cells is irreparable. Exposure to sum makes your skin look wrinkled and full of brown spots.

No Sunscreen

Despite regular reminders from dermatologists and health experts in beauty magazines, people ignore the importance of slathering oneself with sunscreen. You need to apply a glass-sized amount of SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. This is the minimum you should do to protect yourself. Most people under-apply and wonder why they are not being protected. Also not re-applying sunscreen every three hours can damage skin.

Tanning Bed

This is more dangerous than sun. Tanning beds will provide you with intense burst of ultraviolet A and B light. These rays lead to premature skin aging and even triple your risk for skin cancer.


This is certainly a no-no for your skin. There are many health risks of smoking including cancers of lung, heart disease, emphysema, and stroke. However, only a few know that smoking results in wrinkles. It damages the skin precisely as the sun does. The only difference is that the heat gets inside the body. Smoking regularly makes skin weak, and tired. Smoking also yellows the skin. It disturbs the process of blood supply, and retards the process of wound healing.


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