Vegetables that Keep your Skin Glowing and Fair

Being in the sun will produce a lot of damage. Apart from the sun many other factors are responsible for skin problems and damage. Some of these include long term exposure to computer, use of chemicals, improper and excess washing, not applying a sun block and many more.

Hence, it is crucial to take good care of your skin. There are many natural ways in which you can do that. One of the best of all is via including fresh vegetables in your diet. Did you know there are some veggies that can keep your skin glowing, fair and in healthy condition forever?

Here’s what you need to include in your diet get the effect:

White Radish

This is a Chinese medicine. White radish is potent enough to benefit the five internal organs and makes skin fairer and clearer. This is also the reason why white radish is a hot favourite among beauty and health experts. It is rich in vitamin C and specific antioxidants that works towards inhibiting synthesis of melanin. White radish also functions towards preventing fat oxidation and lipofuscin deposition. Hence, you should consume more amounts of to make your skin pale and delicate.

Green Peas

This vegetable is helpful in eliminating dark spots and makes skin bright. Studies have revealed that peas are rich in provitamin of vitamin A. This provitamin of vitamin A translates into vitamin A after reaching into the body. It gives an effect of moisturizing.


These are highly nutritious and rich in protein and vitamins. Mushrooms are also low fat and contain no bad cholesterol. Adding edible mushrooms to daily diet will female hormone secretion more vigorous. This has an anti aging effect which makes skin look gorgeous and spotless.


These are also referred to as “skin food” and hold an amazing capacity to moisturize the skin. Additionally, carrots are rich in pectin substances. These when combined with mercury helps in eliminating harmful ingredients from the body, making skin clearer, delicate and rosy.


These are rich in selenium. This has an anti-aging effect and prevents problems related to excess fat oxidation. This also helps in making skin whiter and tender.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are rich in sticky protein, vitamin C, and provitamin of vitamin A. Adding sweet potatoes will help reduce cholesterol from the body and cut down on subcutaneous fat. The vegetable also provide energy, strengthens spleen and stomach. The kidney will be healthy which further contributes to body’s natural skin care and beauty regime.


Sprouts are important to prevent freckles and dark spots. These also make skin fairer and rosier.


Adding melons into your diet will help you stay fair and keep your skin healthy. These are rich in zinc and magnesium. Zinc promotes growth and development of the human body whereas magnesium provides energy, rosy complexion, and pale skin.


These are important beauty ingredients that help in lubricating the skin. The vegetable also helps in preventing skin wrinkles.


This is a clichéd suggestion. Cucumber contains good amounts of vitamins and amino acids. It is also rich in fruit acid. Cucumbers are capable of cleaning and whitening the skin from within. A cucumber or two a day will remove sunburn and freckles. They also offer complete relief from skin allergies. Cucumbers are a beauty product used traditionally centuries ago.


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