Yoga A Better Alternative to Expensive Beauty Creams

Have you ever observed a strange thing about those who practice yoga? They are usually younger as compared to those who don’t in their same age bracket! Why? Well, this may be certainly owing to their good genes or a pure, vegetarian diet. However, there is another secret that keeps yoga practitioner vibrantly beautiful and feeling much younger. In fact, there are many exercises that help in setting physiological age factors behind by up to an entire decade or even more!

Pranayama is known to be one of the important yogic tools for sustaining your health and beauty. You would be surprised to know that Pranayama is better than expensive anti-aging creams or the rich night creams available on the market these days.

It is true that you don’t need to spend many thousands of dollars each year on moisturizers and spa facials to look young and beautiful. All you need to do is practice pranayama and make your skin radiant and your health similar to that of a teenager. Here’s what you need to do:

Nadi Sodana

Did you know alternate nostril breathing practise is an essential breath for increasing life force? The technique helps in purifying nadis and chakras in the body. Nadis are similar to constellation of energy points inside the body. This is similar to acupuncture meridians. They help the pranic energy flow without impediment from your head to your toes.

The technique facilitates in alternating breath through right and left hemispheres of the body and brain. Therefore, it unclogs the ‘dammed up’ energy that lays stagnant within the body. Once this vital energy is set free, it can be used by your body to repair cells, supply energy for day to day physical needs and even help combat serious diseases. It is similar to elixir of youth.

One of the ways to practice Alternate Nostril Breathing is via using a Mudra (hand gesture). Here, you would cover one nostril while you breathe deeply in, through the other. Now change nostrils and cover the previously open nostril, and exhale. The idea is to make sure that the exhale lasts as long as possible, without strain despite the nostril feeling clogged on that specific side. Now inhale on the same side, making sure that you breathe in as deeply as you can. Take your time to fill up with air. Change nostrils again, removing the plug with your fingers and plugging the other side before you exhale.

You need to repeat for at least ten rounds. The technique of alternate nostril breathing practiced will greatly increase your health and vitality.

Deep Breathing

For enhanced health and beauty, you need to indulge in deep, yogic breathing session. This is very essential and you can easily practice it anywhere in order to reduce stress-related health conditions and hormones that can lead to early ageing. All you require doing is breath in deeply, without force, and exhale deeply without force. Most importantly, allow your mind rest just on breath.


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