Your Makeup is Germy!! Caution

How hygienic is your make-up? What are your views about the mascara that you use regularly? The blusher brushes and the compact sponge? Well, these are something most women aren’t worried about when it comes to their make-up products. The hygiene factor is usually ignored which results in serious health complications.

There’s a good chance the mascara you’re using right now is loaded with infection-causing bacteria! According to a study by Brazilian universities that tested 40 mascara samples from real women, it was proved that about 79 per cent were contaminated with staph bacteria! The major reason behind this is the moist, dark environment inside the tube. This serves as an ideal place for nasty bacteria to reproduce. This usually happens after the three-month mark, when mascara expires. Surprisingly, many women across the globe use past-its-prime mascara! After all, it isn’t easy to throw out a half-full tube. Is it?

It is painful to throw away your expired eye makeup. However, for your own sake, you must throw away the mascara that’s older than three months old to avoid risk of pink eye and various other inflammatory conditions.

Eyes are a vulnerable area for infection. Many open pores exist where the eyelashes come out. The glands and tear ducts make it a vulnerable place to collect germs. Wearing contacts may also transmit fungus that grows on your lenses right from your peepers to your mascara wand. It is thereafter transferred into the tube where it proliferates, in that moist, dark environment.

Apart from mascara, other cosmetics and make up products such as eye pencils, foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, lip glosses, face powders, and concealers past their expiration dates are dangerous. These are the most dangerous of all! Contact of post expiration date products with eyes cause a lot of irritation and ophthalmic infections.

The Tips to Keep Infections Away

  • Don’t use make-up past expiration dates.
  • Don’t share your make up products, even with your best friend.
  • Buy travel size tubes. This way, it will be easier for you to throw away a product after it has expired.
  • Don’t apply your mascara before slipping in your contact lenses.
  • Use a fresh sponge after every three months
  • Clean your make up brushes with a baby shampoo regularly.
  • Buy branded products
  • Keep tabs on the expiration dates of your make-up products, always.


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