Beauty Secrets of Catherine Zeta Jones

#CatherineZetaJones, the 45 year old beautiful actress has maintained a beautiful body, youthful skin, sparkling teeth and shiny hair. This is not really possible for many women who hit their 40s.

Don’t worry, we’re here to share the amazing beauty secret this actress to help you maintain luminous skin and shiny hair always:

Special Homemade Toothpaste
Catherine Zeta Jones uses special toothpaste to whiten her teeth. She prepares this out of mashed fresh strawberries and baking soda. Then she coats the bristles of the toothbrush with the mixture and brushes her teeth. Strawberries and baking soda are natural whitening agents and help in bringing out that sparkling smile in the actress.

Skin Secret
This is one thing you can try out at home. The actress prepares a mixture of honey and salt and then rubs it all over her body. This helps in exfoliating her skin and moisturise too. This is a cheap and highly effective alternative. It is better if you add some olive oil to the mixture and massage it onto damp skin. You may even make use of a loofa. Keep on massaging for about 10 minutes and wash off.

Hair Secret for Catherine
This is the ultimate secret of this gorgeous lady’s luscious locks. Catherine conditions her hair with honey and beer. It may be a smelly affair but improves the texture of hair to a great extent. Beer is one of the best ingredients for hair that helps bringing out the natural shine. Beer helps repair dry and damaged hair. The hops and malt found in beer facilitates the much needed healthy shine. Proteins in beer and honey provide shine and strength to hair strands. To prepare your own conditioner at home, you simply need to add ¼ cup of flat beer to 1 tablespoon of honey and place the container in some hot water. You must allow the honey to dissolve. Rinse out and enjoy the shine and strength on your hair.

The beautiful Zeta-Jones had once confessed that the ultimate secret of her beautiful skin is keeping it simple. Although she likes to apply creams and lotions on her face at night, she avoids going overboard with them. Also before applying makeup, she moisturizes her face to give a glowing effect to the skin. This also helps in the makeup lasting for a long time.


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