Fitness Secrets of Shruti Hassan

The actress has displayed her amazing acting talent in Luck and Dil toh Bachcha hai ji. Shruti Hassan looks great and sports an amazing figure in both movies. What’s the secret behind this heroine’s fabulous figure? Does she maintain a fitness regime?

Well, fitness to Shruti Hassan means feeling good overall. She likes being healthy and active. She also has a lot of stamina to work out and keep herself fit. The reason is that the actress has been a fitness freak through her childhood. She was always active in sports during her school days especially in athletics.

Shruti Hassan’s Fitness Routine

For exercise, Shruti knows that she is not the gym kind of person. She doesn’t enjoy going to the gym much. So how can one stay fit without exercise? She prefers dancing. The actress finds dancing as an interesting alternative to exercise and fitness.

She makes it a point to dance for about 45 minutes for at least four times a week. Shruti also walks on treadmill regularly and prefers to indulge in some cardio exercises at home. Recently she had put on some weight. However, with regular exercise including jogging she managed to shed the excess weight. Shruti confesses that she has become more health conscious these days.

Shruti Hassan’s Diet

The gorgeous actress does not believe in following a rigorous diet regime or deprive herself of anything. She eats well. Earlier, she was in a habit of skipping breakfast. However, she has managed to give up this unhealthy habit of hers.

At present, Shruti takes good care of her diet and believs in eating healthy.


• She has an egg in the morning with Muesli and fruits


• Idli

The Daily Affair

Shruti likes to have tender coconut water each day. She believes that it is highly nutritious, healthy and gives her skin a glow.

Summer Regime for Shruti Hassan

During summer, she likes to have fresh juice of watermelon. According to the actress it is refreshing and
keeps the body well hydrated.


Shruti keeps lunch very simple.

• Salad

• Pasta


• Some rice

Shruti Hassan avoids rice at night. She prefers to have it for lunch.

Evening Snack

She likes to indulge in a bowl of fresh fruits.


• A non-veg item

• Soup

• Dal

• Vegetables


Shruti relishes chocolates and eat them occasionally.


Tanvir Hassen
Tanvir Hassen



Nice fitness tips! Am impressed with the diet routine of Shruti. She did great job in "Luck" and m sure that she will rock.


shruti hassan is cute actress of bollywood but m very upset with her that she is not doing any bollywood movie now and playing so many of south indian movies

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