From 90 to 55 Kgs – Bollywood Star Sonam Kapoor’s transformation from Obese to a Fashion Diva!

Women want to look like her, young girls ape her style! A fashionista in her own terms and style icon, Sonam Kapoor wasn’t too happy about what she looked like a few years ago. Weighing an enormous 90 kgs wasn’t stylish. But today, this girl looks beautiful, super-fit and radiating with health and happiness! The journey from 90-odd kgs to super awesome 55 kgs wasn’t easy. No magic wand did that to Sonam. It was indeed a dedicated weight-loss regime and hard work. Sonam achieved what she aspired and there was no looking back since then.

Quintessential Sonam Kapoor took charge of her weight and came out looking fabulous! What made her look the way she did before Saawariya happened? It all started with neglecting diet and gorging on all the junk food the world has to give while she was studying in a boarding school in Singapore. The two year stay made things worse for her. And she gained a lot of weight.

What did she actually do? What was her workout routine like? Well, being a true blue Peshawari known for their love for food, things were tough for this girl. I would have continued being obese and unhealthy but for director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She started assisting him on Black. When Bhansali asked her to take up acting, she was eager but knew her struggle to achieve that ‘Oh so gorgeous’ figure had started. This was when Sonam started working on her weight seriously. After all, being an actor means looking healthy and fit all year round.

The Battle

This may sound like a cliché for all weight loss aspirants but it is true that Sonam abandoned chocolates, ice creams, fried foods and sweets during her weight loss struggle as she has to lose around 35 kilos. She followed the ‘six small meals’ a day (low on carbs and high on protein) regime.


• Oatmeal and fruits


• Brown bread with egg whites

• Protein shake with juice


• Dal

• Sabzi

• One ragi roti

• Salad

• A piece of chicken/fish

Evening Snack

High-fibre crackers with chicken cold cuts


Egg whites


• Soup

• Salad

• Piece of chicken/fish


Sonam started with weight training and slowly drifted to artistic yoga and Power Yoga. Pilates were also a part of her weight exercise regime.

Sonam Kapoor followed this routine for about a year and lost 35 kilos in all!

Fitness Mantra

Sonam hates binging. She eats everything in moderation and doesn’t ignore her cravings. She takes everything in very small portions.

Snacking on apple and health bars is favorite routine.
Undoubtedly, drinking plenty of fluids through the day keeps her skin look great.



You did it Sonam! Great journey of fat to fit. Great diet and workout routine. I think i should apply this into my life.


Amaaazing post about sonam kapoor. Great story of sonam from fat to fit, Great effort, hatts off to you sonam!


she really did a fabulous job, i must say she learned how to maintain her body from his dad anil kapoor because at the age of 50+ he maintained his body incredibly. every fatty boy/girl should follow this and get figure from 90 to 55 Kgs.


O.M.G that's really fabulous Sonam great are so perfect now and i am not beleiving that you were 90 kgs earlier and u are so slim and perfect.

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