How Vivek Vaswani Lost Weight?

Actor Vivek Vaswani has lost 30 kilos. He did it in about 6 months. The best part is that he did this via making just one change in his diet.

At 50 years of age, this actor weighed 110 kilos. This was not healthy for a man of his age and height. After making dedicated attempts, he lost 21 kilos and weighed 79. According to Vivek, he lost weight without making any major change in his lifestyle except one.

So what was the BIG change?

Vivek started drinking a lot more water. He doesn’t follow a set routine but drinks a lot of water whenever he is thirsty.

Vivek is suffering from Thallassemia minor and a Thyroid problem.

This is why the excess water inside body triggered some reaction and helped in weight loss. He didn’t think much about this change in his lifestyle. The more water he drank water, the more he enjoyed it. He lost about 5 kilos. This was a real surprise for then actor who didn’t shake a leg to lose excess weight.

Hence, he decided to drink a lot more water to shed off the other few kilos he needs to lose. Ramesh sippy (director) and Kiran Sippy were surprised to see him. Now Kiran has resolved to drink more water.

Since Vivek is a thorough foodie, he couldn’t get on to diet. He simply increased water content in bis diet and lost a lot of weight.

As we have seen in Vivek Vaswani’s case, drinking a lot of water does wonders for anyone. It is especially helpful in treating obesity. It expels the toxins or fat from our body as it regulates the amount you flush your intestines. The more you excrete water, the more you eliminate the toxins. This helps in keeping the metabolism healthy and aids weight loss.



Great change. Nice fitness routine...I am impressed.


please post an article about Adnan Sami weight loss, he has done incredible work out. today it is really difficult to recognize him. Hatts off to Adnan, amazing!


all the information about how celebs are loosing weight in blog is amazing, you guys are doing really incredible work. I never heard that viven vaswani lost 21 Kg of weight, thanks for sharing celebs loosing weight tips.

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