Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Pose) – Get Enviable Body the Yoga Way

Yoga asanas are an ancient practice in India. It has also been a consistent way of keeping body and mind fit always. However, the modern practitioners have modified and classified it to suit the present lifestyle. It has also been classified into a number of categories depending level of skill of a practitioner.

The Janu Sirsasana is classified under beginners/ basic pose. This asana can be easily performed at home. The asana is also termed as ‘the head-to-knee pose’ or ‘the seated forward bend pose’.

The Janu Sirsasana pose is an integral part of the Ashtanga yoga and can be used as a relaxation pose.

Here are step by step instructions on how to perform this yoga:

Step 1: Dandasana Pose

Sit down on the floor in Dandasana pose.

Step 2: Straight

Keep your legs and spine straight.

Step 3: Rest Palms on Ground

Place your hands besides your thighs on the floor in a way that the palms rest on the ground.

Step 4: Leg and Knee

Bend right leg from the knee and fold it. Place it on the inner side of your left thigh.

Step 5: Legs Straight

Keep your left leg straight.

Step 6: Hands off Floor

Lift your hands off the floor and place it on the upper side of left thigh.

Step 7: Reach Toes

Inhale and slide your hands over your leg in the forward direction. Do this till you reach toes.

Step 8: Bend Body

Bend your body from your waist as you slide in the forward direction.

Step 9: Slide Forward

Exhale as you slide forwards.

Step 10: Stay and Release

Remain steady in this position for 30 seconds and then release.

Step 11: Repeat

Repeat this activity 10 times daily.

The Janu Sirsasana Benefits

  • Calms the brain.
  • Helps relieve mild depression.
  • Relieves stress.
  • It gives a good stretch to groins, spine, shoulders, thighs, hamstrings, and calf muscles.
  • Stimulates liver and kidneys.
  • Enhances capacity of lungs to a great extent.
  • Improves your digestive system.
  • The yoga asana helps in reliving the symptoms of menopause.
  • It relives practitioner of anxiety.
  • Offers relief from fatigue.
  • Beneficial in relieving menstrual discomfort.
  • The asana is the best option for losing weight.
  • Reduces belly fat.
  • Helps tone abdominal organs.


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