Salabhasana / Locust Pose– Get Enviable Body the Yoga Way

If you have been looking for a perfect fitness regime, then performing different types of yoga asanas will help you. All you require doing is follow proper and simple techniques to practice them. Most importantly, you need to know all about breathing exercises, meditation, and ways to relax and calm your body and soul.

In yoga, asanas are categorized into the following depending on the type of practitioners:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Those new to yoga are advised to learn and practise basic asanas termed as ’the beginner’s poses’. Salabhasana or locust pose is categorized as an intermediate pose and associated with 7 different levels of acupressure.

In Sanskrit, the term ‘Salabha’ means ‘grashopper’ and ‘asana’ meaning ‘pose’. Here are some steps to follow in order to master this asana.

Step 1: Lie Down

Lie down on the floor on your belly.

Step 2: Use Chin

Place your chin on the floor.

Step 3: Work up Knees

Place your toes on the floor. Make sure the knees touch the ground.

Step 4: Use Palms

Place hands on the ground right below hips. You must place them in a manner that your palms rest on the ground.

Step 5: Head and Body Lift

Lift up your head a little. Then lift up your upper body, thighs and legs off the floor.

Step 6: Use Belly

Rest your body on belly.

Step 7: The Balancing Act

Try to balance your body in this position.

Step 8: Remain and Release

Remain steady in this position for about 30 seconds and then release from the pose.

Step 9: Repeat

Repeat this activity 10 times every day.

The Salabhasana Benefits

  • Strengthens spine muscles.
  • Strengthens thighs, arms, shoulders, calf muscles and hips.
  • Improves body posture.
  • Stimulates abdominal organs.
  • Relieves stress and calms mind, body and soul.
  • The asana rejuvenates your body.
  • This asana increases its endurance capacity.
  • Salabhasana helps in improving your body balance.
  • It relaxes your body.
  • Improves the quality tranquillity and freshness.


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