Worst Workout Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making!

You need to work-out a lot in order to maintain a healthy weight and body. However, many a times, people feel that all of their efforts and sweat aren’t rewarding. This is because they haven’t been busting your ass on the treadmill the right way. The crunches and squats aren’t going the right way. Avoiding some common mistakes will help you get desired results.

Common Workout Mistakes You aren’t Aware of:

Mistake 1: Use Wrong Muscles

How many of you use neck muscles to perform crunches? About 90% of women use neck muscles instead of abs to perform crunches. This is precisely the reason they don’t get desired results. This is totally uncomfortable and sheer waste of time. The idea is to focus on your abdominals using your tongue. Surprised? Well, this is really simple.

–          Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth prior to performing the reps. This facilitates removing strain off your neck and stomach does all the work.

Mistake 2: Stretching Prior to Cardio

Stretching before a cardio may not benefit you. To warm up your muscles and prevent injury before cardio is to imitate the same exercise at a low level. This means you just need to get on the machine that you are about to use and work on it at the easiest level. Now exercise for about five minutes. Slowly increase the level until you reach the desired speed or difficulty. The activity elevates your heart rate elevated and avoids exhaustion.

Mistake 3: No Variety in Weights

Most women are under the notion that using heavy weights may bulk their muscles up. So they stick to lighter weights. But the problem is that if you use free weights or weight machines once or more in a week, it is vital to increase pound a little. Muscles build up resistance over time. Hence, you must aim to increase weights every two or three weeks. Remember that as far as you perform 15 without panting/shaking (fatigue is common and acceptable), you don’t need to worry. It is just a positive sign that your arms may end up looking like your favourite movie star.

Mistake 4: No Weighing

No, you are not obsessed with looking good if you weigh yourself before work-out session. Your trainer must have asked you to take it easy and not to worry about the number on weighing scale. However, it is the best tool for keeping yourself motivated. The more you see yourself losing pounds after each workout, the more you get inspired. The ritual will also keep you from over indulgence in unhealthy food.

Mistake 5: The Pre-gym Snack

Do have an energy bar before the gym? Well, these are high in fiber and take a lot of time to digest. Digestion demands energy which you could otherwise have spent on muscles. In case, you really feel like eating something before workout, go for a banana. This is digested quickly and helps you focus on losing weight. Strictly avoid having apples.


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