Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 1

This is crazy, right? That big bulge in your belly troubled you a lot. It made you feel sick nauseated and even called for bizarre food cravings. But now it has been transformed into a live little thing lying in your lap.

You may be thinking – “I can’t believe this!”

Don’t worry, this feeling is share by millions of other new moms like you. Now that you have realized that the little cute thing is finally out of the bulge, it is time to enjoy and cherish the moment. Understand and experience your baby’s growth.

So how’s the baby growing – Week 1

The baby is all curled up. It hasn’t been able to stretch properly. Don’t worry. Since, he was curled up inside your uterus until recently, the newborn baby will look a little scrunched up for a while. He will not be able to stretch his arms and extend legs fully. The baby is actually adjusting to life outside the warm.

One thing you will enjoy during this period is the baby’s sleep time. He barely seems to stay awake. This is because newborns spend only 10 per cent of their time awake. So try and enjoy these first days of inspecting the tiny fingers and toes he’s equipped with. The sleep smiles are so adorable.

Feedings and Diaper Changes

These are quite frequent. Babies do have a tendency to spit up but frequent spit ups are a cause of concern as this may be a sign of acid reflux. Get in touch with a paediatrician immediately.

Baby Color

Pay close attention to your baby’s color. Babies usually get jaundiced. This is due to excess bilirubin present in the bloodstream. In case, your baby looks more yellow than when in the hospital, speak with your physician.

Sponge Baths

This may be a nerve wrecking task for you. Parents are usually worried about their child’s first bath. However, just like most things in life, preparation is the key to success. You need to everything ready prior to start the bath. This will be safer and easier for you. The baby should be given sponge baths until his umbilical cord falls off. In the event where the baby was circumcised, it’s important to stick with ONLY sponge baths until he has entirely healed. Test the temperature of the bath water using your wrist or elbow.

How to Give Sponge Bath

First you need to prepare a bowl of warm water a fresh clean cloth. Put the washcloth into the warm water then squeeze it out until it is just damp. Remember the cloth should not be dripping. Use a wash washcloth to gently clean your baby behind her ears, between fingers and toes. Also take care of cleaning the diaper area properly. Keep the parts of your baby you aren’t washing covered with a dry towel. This is important to keep your baby stay warm during the bath.



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