Adding Taste to Green Tea – Making Healthy Taste Good!

The health benefits of green tea are widely known to all. No wonder it is an integral part of most diet plans. In fact, most health experts consider it as the cornerstone of many diet and healthy lifestyle plans.

Unfortunately, many do not like the taste of green tea and, therefore, stay away from this healthy hot beverage. But this does not mean that they will never be able to enjoy and benefit from having green tea.

Listed below are some highly useful techniques to make the healthy tea taste better. Don’t worry; these techniques will not rob away its nutritional value. All it does is add up to some natural flavors or even adjusting the brewing time.

Lemon Green Tea

All you require doing is put a slice of fresh lemon into your green tea. You may even try adding half of a teaspoon of bottled lemon juice. This is a fabulous tip for citrus lovers.

Minty Green Tea

You just require putting some fresh mint leaves into your cup of newly brewed green tea. The hot water will bring out the leaves.

Pomegranate Green Tea

Mix half of a teaspoon of pomegranate juice into your cup of green tea to sweeten it.

Vanilla Green Tea

Try adding a small drop of vanilla extract. This will also sweeten the tea.

Brewing Technique

Strictly avoid brewing for more than two minutes. In case, you do not like the taste of strong green tea. You may even dilute with warm water if necessary.


Most well known brands sell green tea with added flavors such as citrus, jasmine, mint etc. If the taste of green tea simply does not please your taste buds, try green tea supplement pills. These are easily available at health food shops both online and offline.


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