Food Cravings during Pregnancy

Food cravings and pregnancy go hand-in-hand. Some women take fancy for ice-creams, pickles, spicy things, and a lot more. According to a study, it has been proved that about 68 per cent women feel craving for one thing or the other during the entire duration of pregnancy.

Common Food Cravings during Pregnancy

• Cheesecakes

• Animal meat

• Ice creams

• Chocolates

• Spicy treats

• Sour things

• Sweets

Some pregnant women may also experience strange craving for certain strange things such as dirt, chalk, dirt, soap, detergent powder toothpaste, cigarette butts or coal. These are known as ‘pica’ cravings. These cravings are dangerous indulging in pica cravings may prove to be dangerous and unhealthy for both the child and the mother.

Hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy also changes the sense of smell and taste of a woman. She may crave more for food that she earlier used to avoid. Emotional needs of a woman are also known to have a deep connection with the kind of food that consume.

Deal with the Cravings

The best way to deal with pregnancy cravings is to replace them with similar yet healthy food. You may integrate various kinds of sugary, spicy and sour food to avoid food cravings.



When I was pregnant I was craving chocolates,magnum ice cream I couldn go with out the ice cream then sour sweets and junk food such as patato chips and hamburgers and sausages


Absolutely! Till now i had no experience of pregnancy but i believe women carve for many things but want to stay ways from healthy food but she should eat that.


this is true that amost every pregnant women experience at least one food aversion, or a new sense of repulsion at the very thought of a food they previously enjoyed.

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