Foods to Avoid before Pregnancy

Getting ready for the biggest challenge (pregnancy) is crucial. Planning a child beforehand goes a long way in keeping women healthy and fit. But did you know pregnancy takes its own toll on the body and women must prepare their body for this massive task? There are many dos and dont’s to be followed before you plan to be pregnant. And there are some foods you must avoid!


Foods that contain high fat should be avoided at any cost.

No High Calorie Foods

Say a strict NO to high calorie foods. You will just gain unnecessary weight gain by these foods. So avoid weight gaining foods like deep fried food, sweetened food, tin food, processed food, and junk food.


You must avoid alcohol completely as it can harm you and your baby during pregnancy. The baby will be born with birth defects.


This is also NOT recommended. But those addicted to caffeine can take about two cups of coffee in a day. Additional cups are harmful. Also avoid stopping caffeine altogether. Caffeine increases the chances of miscarriage and if you are unaware of your pregnancy, you are at greater risk.

Avoid Drugs/Medications

Strictly avoid drugs and medications that are not recommended or prescribed by the doctors.

NO Excess Vitamins

Over use of vitamins is also harmful for the baby. Excesses of vitamins especially A, C, and D. Raw or undercooked meats or eggs are to be avoided completely. Soft cheese is not recommended before pregnancy. These are foods to avoid when you become pregnant too.

Professional help

One may need professional help in such circumstances, which is recommended. Doctors can advise according to your needs and body health. Regarding the medicines and drugs, the doctor is the best person to help you.



Our elders say that eat everything in pregnancy but as the eating habits and living habits are changing you should also care about your pregnancy diet. This is an amazing list of pregnancy diet routine. Nice.


Thanks for such info! Nice list of food for women. i guess you should start avoiding these foods before 6 months of expecting along with alcohol and caffeine products.


nice list of foods to avoid before pregnancy and i think alcohol and caffeine products are highly avoided before pregnancy, if you will not then it can harm you a lot and to your baby tooo.


very true that every pregnant women should care about their diet plan during pregnancy because there are so many foods that we intake in our daily routine can harm their health and their baby health

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