Healthy Breakfast Cereals

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that even a bowlful of ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals could add to their overall calorie count! The permissible level of sugar in breakfast cereals has also been a debatable topic. You must have come across a variety of coloured and sugar-frosted varieties available on the market.

When buying breakfast cereal, it is crucial to check nutrition value of breakfast cereal prior to buying it. Cereals should be used with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. Add extra sugar should be avoided. Add dry fruits or raisin, banana, dates, or any citrus fruit for sweet element you crave for.

Here are some of the best breakfast cereal options for weight watchers:


Rich in minerals and high in fibre content, this wholesome breakfast cereal keeps blood sugar under control. For added sweetness, use a little jaggery. You may even top it with fresh fruits or sprinkle some raisins and almonds.


These are plentiful in iron, carbohydrates, and Vitamin B complex. Cornflakes are a fabulous option for school kids and elders. It is a specifically a healthy breakfast option in the rainy months as the body starts holding water due to excess moisture in the air.


Rated as one of the best breakfast options by health experts, a bowl of oats brings in loads of health benefits. Right from weight watchers to those suffering from high cholesterol and diabetes, the breakfast option loaded with high fibre content can keep one healthy and fit. It is also known for the special capacity to balance blood sugar. It also relieves people prone to depression.


Muesli is a fabulous choice for breakfast. It is a mixture of four different grains. However, weight watchers should stay away from the sweetened variety. It can be served with both milk and yoghurt. This also makes for a quick, healthy, and energy giving snack for kids.

Poha/Rice Crispies

This is a common breakfast option for Indian households. It makes for a light and healthy breakfast. However, preparing it in too much oil can rip off its nutritional value. Hence, make sure it is only lightly sauteed.

Including cereals for breakfast ensures nutritional value for your body and pleasure for taste buds. So next time you are at a departmental store picking breakfast cereals, buy one that ensures maximum health benefits for your family.  Avoid getting carried away by the fancy packaging.


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