Sweets Sans Sin – Top 3 Low Calorie Sugary Treats

Sugary treats are definitely something we all love to indulge in. However, it may not be a very good idea for you as it will load you with unnecessary calories. So is there a way to avoid getting fat despite loading yourself with sweets?

Here is a list of low calorie sugary treats that you can indulge in:

Low Calorie Sugary Treat 1: Frozen Yoghurt

This is one of the best options for you if you are an ardent weight watcher. This is dedicated for an ice cream lover. It is available in many flavours and can be topped with your favourite fruits and nuts. If you are really serious about shifting to something really tasty and low calorie sweet, flavoured frozen yoghurt is a perfect option.  It has as many flavours as ice cream and it’s easier to digest and can be eaten by lactose intolerant people as well.

Low Calorie Sugary Treat 2: Dark Chocolates

Chocolates are rich in amino acids that simulate the brain’s pleasure receptors. This is also the reason we like to have it whenever we feel low. However, it is important to go for dark bitter chocolates. It has fewer calories and is good for the heart. The best part is that it is high in vitamins and minerals too.

Low Calorie Sugary Treat 3: Low-fat Rice kheer

Kheer (rice pudding) is one of the tastiest Indian desserts. Since they are high in calorie, most people tend to refrain from it. In case, you are on a serious low calorie sweet outlook, you can make turn your pudding into low fat dessert. All you need to do is use toned milk and brown rice to it. Also add almonds, cardamom, raisins and honey to sweeten the pudding. This will make the dessert low fat yet delectable.



Nice article! I am seriously worried about my weight and figure that y am choose about my diet. Thanks for telling list of low calories sugary.


I love chocolates and sweet dishes but I am afraid to eat these because of high calories, thank you for letting me know about low calories sugary treats.

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