5 Common Allergies in Children

Allergies can be referred to as unusual reactions of the immune system that occurs in reaction to nontoxic substance. Essentially the one that fights for these alleged allergies are created by the immune system known as called antibodies. Allergy can attack anytime and anywhere. Anything may cause an allergy. Babies are delicate and susceptible to allergies.

Body’s reaction to allergies emits out a chemical known as histamine. This shows signs of allergies. Listed below are 5 common allergies in children:

Red Itchy Patches on Skin

This is a common indication of an atopic dermatitis commonly referred to as eczema. It displays through reddish and itchy patches on skin.

Continual Sneezing

Sneezing continually 2 to 3 times is an indication of having an allergy. The pediatrist will analyze the child’s problem.

Dark Circles under the Eye

Yes, children do get dark circles under eye and this is a strong indication of allergy due to sinus.

Allergic Crease

This occurs at the bridge of the nose and commonly referred to as allergic salute. Kids keep on rubbing their nose due to itchiness.

Watery, red, itchy eyes

This is an indication that a child suffers from allergic rhinitis.

For most children, allergies are inherited from their mother’s genes. Some may develop overtime and last for a few years while others may continue for a lifetime.

What triggers allergy in children?

A lot in the environment can trigger allergy to children. A child must keep away from pollutants like dust mites, smoke, pollen from flowers, bird feces, and even small bugs flying through the air.

Most doctors recommend an antihistamine and steroidal medicines for children with allergies. Sometimes, when a child is being fed on bottles or milk formula, most often, they are susceptible to lactose intolerance that leads to a stomach trouble causing a child to vomit. He or she may even experience multiple bowel movements. Doctors usually treat this via recommending parents to use lacto-free infant formula.

You can remove dust mites allergy via cleaning the baby’s room well. A baby’s room should always be kept clean, deodorized and disinfected. Try using a vacuum to keep the dust from moving through the air. Change the curtains regularly.

In case, your child suffers from eczema, you must keep pets outside the house. Also take your child to a qualified dermatologist for child’s eczema.


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