Benefits of Caffeine for Low Blood Pressure

Most of the time, we hear people talking about lowering high blood pressure. This is one of the most common conditions people suffer from. However, those suffering from low blood pressure are equally at risk. As per a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, low blood pressure, or hypotension, can result in dizziness, and fainting. In case, your blood pressure becomes too low then you may experience a life threatening health complications.

Low blood pressure may be treated through prescription medications. There’s also an alternative therapy; caffeine. Make sure you consult your physician before starting off with this therapy.

The Caffeine

Caffeine is best known for its energizing qualities. This substance is found naturally in a huge variety of plant species. Most beverage manufactures create this compound. Caffeine stimulates central nervous system. The impact results in elevated moods and an increase in energy. This is also the reason; it is classified as a drug. You can feel the effects of caffeine for up to six hours. Since human body is incapable of storing this compound within cells it causes a diuretic effect and enhances the production of urine.

Caffeine Impact on Blood Pressure

Researches and studies conducted by Mayo Clinic researchers, consuming caffeine through beverages or food sources can result in a visible increase in blood pressure. As soon as you drink about two to three cups of coffee, its caffeine content can raise the systolic pressure number 3 to 14 mm of mercury. It also raising the diastolic pressure number 4 to 13 mm of mercury.

The exact reason behind increase in blood pressure due to caffeine intake is a topic of debate. Many studies and researches are still in the process of finding out the exact reason behind caffeine intake and increase in blood pressure. Recent studies suggest this action may be due to an increase of adrenaline production or decrease in hormones responsible for keeping blood vessel wide. Both results in increase in blood pressure.

Caffeine is not sanctioned by the medical community officially to treat low blood pressure. The researches have come up with a promise regarding its capability to increase blood pressure.

So how much Caffeine is good for Increasing Blood Pressure?

The amount of caffeine one should consume per day is relative based on their body chemistry. Hence, consulting a health care practitioner is a must in this respect.


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