Bursting the Bloat – What Causes a Bloated Stomach

Bloated stomach is one of the most common problems among adults. In contrast to the myth, it is not experienced only by someone with a plump body stature. Bloated stomach may also be a problem for those with relatively thin stature. The unsightly and uncomfortable belly bulge may be caused due wrong diet and some wrong health habits.

Here are some of the most common causes of a bloated stomach:

The Chewing Gum!

Yes, blame it on the chewing gum. The air you breathe may lead to bloating. The solution is not to chew gum as far as possible.

The Beer Belly

No wonder a bloated belly is often termed as ‘beer belly’. Sugar and alcohol content in beer will make your loosen the muscles. Also alcohol is very harmful to the body as it contains a lot of calories. In fact, it is the same as found in fatty foods. Drinking alcohol will make your liver over work to remove alcohol and sugar and delay for the filter process. Sugar is then stored as body fat. Another problem is that alcohol increases your appetite.

Blame it on the Hormones

Usually men have a hormone that affects their weight. No wonder why men tend to have a beer belly as soon as they reach a certain age. During their 40s, men tend to add up a lot of bulk in their abdominal region. On the other hand, women have a tendency to keep their fat in the buttocks, thighs, and hips them in an earlier age.


Apart from attacking your teeth, mouth, throat and lungs, tobacco can also damage the bowels. In case, you smoke after eating, there is certainly a feeling of bloat soon afterwards. So giving up on smoking will get more benefits as compared to weight loss.


Stress is known to interfere with the body and digestion. Stress can also make one feel full and lead to a lot of problems. It also interferes with body’s ability to store fat and makes stomach appear fluffier. To overcome this problem, you should become more relaxed and breathe slowly and deeply.

Junk Food

Since these are high calorie food, you will definitely feel bloated. Limiting your intake of fast food will help you burst the bloat.

Milk causes Problems

It is true that milk is essential for good health and strong bones. However, it may create a lot of digestive problems and make the belly bulge. In case, you are a milk lover, have yogurt or consume cheese made from goat’s milk.


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